When Pokémon and Dota combine, you get DotaMon

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I’ve never been able to get into DOTA. It’s not the highly complex gameplay, the frequent attacks on my genitals or the fact that my clumsy penguin-hands can barely hit an insane amount of keys every minute in comparison to the players around me that make me avoid the game. It’s that I just find it ridiculously boring. Still, this particular mod for the game may have my attention.

Because it’s creating Pokémon inside Dota. Currently being developed by Sma11P1ays, the mod will see each player control a trainer that has six custom abilities. Abilities which can be used to catch, summon and battle other DotaMon. There’ll be two teams, with five players on each side. Right now, the mod has 151 DotaMon sorted, as Sma11P1ay’s pre-release post describes:

A Dotamon has access to 4 active abilities and one passive ability. It can reach lvl 10 and can start at any lvl from 1 to 7. At the start of the game, most wild Dotamon will be lvl 1, with some being lvl 2. As the game progresses, the starting levels of wild Dotamon will increase.

A Dotamon will start with one targeted damaging ability – in this case, Magikarp starts with Splash. The next 3 abilities are unlocked depending on evolutions. Magikarp learns Surf at lvl 3, evolves into Gyarados at lvl 6, learns Twister at lvl 7 and then Hyper Beam at lvl 9. Most later moves will be skill shots to encourage an interesting final battle which will hopefully play similarly to Bloodline Champions.

Dotamon (2)

A Dotamon can also evolve by using the appropriate elemental stone.

In addition, no 2 Dotamon will ever be the same. As you can see in the next picture, there are 2 Gastlys in the Centre. Both Gastlys have different stats and they even have different passive abilities.

Dotamon (1)

And yes, it sounds like there will be “shiny” DotaMon as well. The mod still needs to reach the workshop, as coding a ton of skills is a rather daunting task.

Last Updated: August 22, 2014

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