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Where is our official Xbox Live status Microsoft?

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Give us another chance

So the previews of the upcoming GTA IV DLC are being released and all in all it sounds absolutely brilliant. The single player is strong enough to stand up by itself and it sounds like they have really ramped up the multiplayer side of things.

But this just makes us mad… why you ask? Well I sure am glad you asked because I needed to rant again.

Where is our official Xbox Live status Microsoft?

When the Xbox 360 was originally launched way back in September 2006 and at that time the rumour were rife that Live would be following a year later.

Fast forward a year and we were still stuck with diddly, and so the fight began. Petitions were created (which have subsequently been taken down), empty promises were made by people apparently in the know and Microsoft themselves came up with some awesome excuses.

The most memorable being that they wanted to know how many locals were already connecting to Live before they could move forward… Two problems with that though, normally products are launched into a market that doesn’t have them and the only way we could tell you how many locals were connecting to Live was if you gave us access to your servers.

So here we sit, still being treated like second class citizens of the world with Microsoft only to happy to take our tainted money for the consoles and games but not so happy about letting us loose on Live.

We have the retail infrastructure (one excuse that was given to me), we also have the Internet infrastructure as proven by the thousands of people connected to Live already.

We are an angry mob...

So what’s the excuse now Microsoft? Why is it that Sony can just tick that checkbox and allow Africans on the PSN and you can’t? We are not looking for local servers nor are we looking for all the movie rentals or added features the Americans get. We simply want to be able to download the content that our Government allows us to. We don’t live in Germany and shouldn’t be punished for their over the top censor board.

We want our Gold lancers, Gears map packs, GTA IV DLC and the rest of the gaming goodness that is on offer, hell we are even offering to pay for it just like everyone else, so please explain to me why this is a problem.

Last Updated: February 13, 2009

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