Where is The Last Guardian?

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The Last Guardian creature thing IRL

The Last Guardian is practically an urban legend – everybody knows about it, but no one has actually seen it. Where is the mythical game that got people so hyped up 5 years ago?

Geoff did actually mention that a teeny tiny bit of him hoped for it to make a surprise appearance at Gamescom. It never did. Sony Worldwide Studio boss Shuhei Yoshida was asked whether the game would make an appearance at Tokyo Game Show (via Eurogamer):

I don’t think so. Sorry.

Simple as that. No Last Guardian then, at least not for another unknown period of time. Perhaps we will get to see it at e3 next year? Yoshida was asked when would the game be shown:

When we are ready. I cannot confirm any timing because we are waiting for it to be in a state where we are happy that this is the game. We have a certain time frame in our mind, and the team is making great progress, but still not to the point that we can say that, here you go.

It’s crazy to think that we saw that gorgeous trailer all those years ago. Do you even remember what it looked like? Check it out.

With the new generation officially here, I can’t wait to see any new news released on this game, even though it may never ever climb out of the huge hole of hype it dug itself into. Do you still care for bird-dog-creature… thing, and his pet human? Or is this game just another Half-Life 3 – something we will never get?

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Last Updated: August 18, 2014

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