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Where to find all 33 mementos in Call of Duty: WWII

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Look, I’m not saying that war produces less than savoury characters, but if I were drafted into a conflict where death was a very real possibility then I’d at least want something more material than mere gratitude from my nation. That would also explain the satchel of gold teeth that I’d pilfered from dead soldiers because I’d loot my way all over Europe if I ever find myself reincarnated into a World War Two combatant.

While the latest Call of Duty won’t have you flouting Geneva conventions worthy of a Hague trial, there are still some valuables to be had. Mementos, scattered across the sands of Normandy and France, if you keep an eye out for them. Here’s a visual guide on where to find them:

And here’s some good ol’ text if you’re looking for something specific in the spoiler-trenches of the greatest war:


  • Memento 1: Go to the end of the trench, turn right at the pillbox on the beach. You’ll spot a knife that was left embedded in sandbags. That’s your first memento already.
  • Memento 2: After you’ve cleared the third bunker, go left back down where you came from and a door that was once closed will be open. Find the second memento inside.
  • Memento 3: Check the desk next to the barn that is closest to the beach for the third memento.

Operation Cobra

  • Memento 1: You’ll spot two soldiers chatting to your right before you hop onto the tank. Behind them are some barrels with the collectible.
  • Memento 2: As you work your way to the AA-gun through the trees, you’ll spot a shed with the memento on the desk inside it.
  • Memento 3: After you’ve demolished the gun emplacement, go inside it and you’ll spot the gas mask memento on the dead soldier.


  • Memento 1: On the second floor of the building you storm, check the staircase on the right to find a locket hanging from a painting on a broken wall.
  • Memento 2: With the German troops in the church eliminated, go towards the crater near where you entered and check the small alcove to find the memento.
  • Memento 3: As you defend the town square, go down the cover on the right and you’ll spot the memento in front of the sandbags.


  • Memento 1: On the other side of the house, go back and to the left. Kill the three Nazi soldiers quickly, then check the trash can for the collectible.
  • Memento 2: Go inside the house after you’ve cleared the German camp, to find the memento resting on a piano in the main entrance.
  • Memento 3: After you kill all of the Nazis following the train crash, go look for a radio on top of the crates in the large arena where you fought. The memento is the schematics for the V2 Rocket.


  • Memento 1: Next to the locked elevator, check the bathroom and the third stall.
  • Memento 2: Once you’ve planted the explosives and you’ve unlocked the next section, go upstairs and check the trunk next to the couch in the room.
  • Memento 3: On ze German side of the bridge, is a makeshift table covered in empty bottles. Check the right side of the table to grab a memento.

Collateral Damage

  • Memento 1: After the tank attack and when your squad comes under fire in the streets, check the piano where your squad sets up a machine gun.
  • Memento 2: With the apartment cleared out, go upstairs using the rubble and cast your eyes on the right side. The fireplace behind the green sofa, is where you’ll find a memento.
  • Memento 3: In the hotel lobby on the right-hand side, check the room and the shelving on the bottom.

Death Factory

  • Memento 1: Before reaching the second mortar team, go back around to the truck in ze German camp, to find a vintage flare gun memento between some crates. WOO!
  • Memento 2: After you kill the dog (Jeez dude), check the downed P-51 fighter, to find a memento in the cockpit.
  • Memento 3: Once you’ve killed the sniper, jump onto the support beam in the building that’s next to the stairs. On the top you’ll spot a chair with the collectible.

Hill 493

  • Memento 1: Once the bunker has been destroyed, look for the downed tree that your allies were stuck behind. You’ll spot a dead soldier, who has the letter memento next to him.
  • Memento 2: With the first artillery cleared, look behind Pierson to find a memento.
  • Memento 3: At the rear of the two German artillery guns, you’ll spot an empty pillbox next to a burning tree. The next memento is on the front of the pillbox.

Battle of the Bulge

  • Memento 1: After you’re given ammo at the start of the stage, look around to spot three soldiers leaning against some rocks. There’s a camera memento next to them.
  • Memento 2: With the ammo delivered, examine the foxhole entrance to find a comic book memento.
  • Memento 3: When ze Germans muster their troops for a push and pop smoke, go to the foxhole with the green tarp roof that is behind Pierson. A cardboard box on the left side holds the memento.


  • Memento 1: Go right on the path towards the base, into the hangar that has the base commander and the guard. Behind them is a table with the lantern memento.
  • Memento 2: As you fight your way to the air traffic tower, keep an eye open for the base’s barracks. This room with bed bunks in it, has the second level memento inside next to some hanging rope.
  • Memento 3: At the base of the air traffic control tower, check the right hand side of the door that you enter.

The Rhine

  • Memento 1: In the first tower’s second floor, you’ll spot a German soldier leaning against a post. Get rid of him, check the canteen where he was for the memento.
  • Memento 2: Second tower, second floor. You’ll see a table near the staircase, with a beer stein memento.
  • Memento 3: Second tower, top floor. There’s a table there with the final memento in the form of a document on the table.

Last Updated: November 7, 2017


  1. Can you get these is reverse order?


    • The D

      November 7, 2017 at 15:38

      I suppose, if you feel like replaying all missions in esrever.


      • Original Heretic

        November 7, 2017 at 15:40

        Damn, I’ll probably forget to do that.


  2. Admiral Chief

    November 7, 2017 at 17:21

    You can find them all in the trash


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