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Where’s my Batman: Arkham Definitive Edition?

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Remasters are dope. Yo. You get to pay a second time for the same game, but with some extra cosmetic content and some of that DLC that you couldn’t be arsed about buying in the first place when the game was out originally. Only suckas buy remastered and definitive editions of games apparently. The thing is, people often underestimate my stupidity, because I would buy the hell out of a trilogy of Batman games.

Now you may not know this, but I’m a huge Batman fan. An understatement along the lines of Neville Chamberlain’s “Peace in our time” comment from before World War 2 started. But you look at the Batman Arkham games, and they happen to be rather good. Damned good in fact, or at least two-thirds of the core games are.


And I’d dig to play my way through a complete trilogy of them. Imagine booting up a console, and working your way through the tale of the Batman, from Oranges to City. Even though it isn’t the finest game in the series thanks to some rough development, useless multiplayer and an overall lack of polish in certain areas, I still think Arkham Origins is an important part of the franchise. It’s also a better game now, thanks to consistent patches that has resulted in it not crashing every time you try and fast-travel around Gotham.

As a prequel that sets the Arkham universe up, it’s also got a story that had me emotionally invested in the tale of a younger and untested Batman who faced down a gauntlet of assassins who were after him. And it segues perfectly into the even better and epic Arkham Asylum and Arkham City games, But for a remaster, I also want more than just the same games. I want all the content that came with them.


Costumes that span the groovy sixties to the dark future of Batman Beyond. Extra challenge maps, that test your skill as a predator and a fighter. New characters, such as Robin, Nightwing and the dangerous Deathstroke taking on a 100 goons all by himself. And some of that story DLC, which was actually pretty damn good.

Of course, this collection kind of exists already. Arkham Asylum and City already have Game Of The Year editions which bundle all of that content together. But more importantly, so do the PC versions of those games, which can be bought on the cheap and curated into your own Steam list. Can’t argue with that.


But mark my words, I see this remaster being announced one of these days. The Unreal engine that powers this game can translate perfectly onto new consoles, and I’d bet my cowl that once Arkham Knight has shipped, an announcement will be made a few months later. Sure, I’d be stupid to probably buy something like this. But I’d also be stupidly happy.

Last Updated: February 11, 2015

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