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Which Guitar Hero Live songs will be the most difficult to play?

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I’m rather fond of the Guitar Hero franchise. Previous titles had me addicted for hours on end, to the point where, after much practice, I was able to wow my friends by playing some of the most challenging songs on expert difficulty. Now though, with Guitar Hero Live mixing up the formula (thanks to its new controller), I’m back down to being a complete rookie. The game will provide a whole new challenge, but which of its songs will really test the capabilities of returning virtual guitar veterans? Which tracks will be an absolute nightmare to master with the new system?

Three devs from FreeStyleGames were asked to choose what they feel are the hardest songs to play. Here are their responses (via VG247):

Aaron Grimes – Midi Designer: Hangar 18 by Megadeth

“This song is hard because of the rhythms in the solos. Marty Friedman is a precise player and moves around the neck a lot so this is represented in the mark-up. The way to get through it is by keeping your eye out for the strummed notes before HOPOS then let your fingering hand do the rest!”

Nathan Coppard – Senior Game Designer: Cry of Achilles by Alter Bridge

“The track starts out with a soft acoustic into that is deceptively intricate, any mistakes here will really stand out. If you haven’t already given up, the driving verse riffs require tight, consistent timing. Keep up with the changes in tempo to make it through to the solo where you get a chance to show off. Then all that’s left is the endurance test that is the outro. Everything that you’ve played before means nothing if you don’t hold it down and nail the end.”

Mike Mclafferty – Audio Designer: Ghost Walking by Lamb of God

“This is a classic Lamb of God riff; that bluesy feel with technical curveballs thrown at you every so often finished off with some bar-crossing rhythms to catch you off guard. And of course, a savage solo melts your face off at the peak of the track. A tough one to get to grips with, but nailing the riff is really rewarding once you get the pattern.

“The intro riff on the acoustic throws some fairly quick string skipping in there (black to white) mixed in with lots of open strums, so you have to become quite agile at changing strings. The next thing to get to grips with is the non-standard rhythm patterns that use the open strums as a pedal note. Finally, the solo; it’s just gnarly.”

Personally, I hope that the good ol’ classic face melter, ‘Through the Fire and Flames’ by DragonForce, makes an appearance on Guitar Hero TV at some point. Imagining all those notes flying across the screen with the new guitar is the stuff of nightmares!

Guitar Hero Live will be available locally on October the 23rd. Will you be getting it? Are you looking forward to mastering the new system?

Last Updated: January 4, 2017

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