Who are the top StarCraft players we are going to see at the StarCraft 2 exhibition?

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StarCraft 2

So you’ve filled in the form request an invite to the big exhibition match happening on Saturday, if not just simply fill in the form below. Okay so now that you are going we need to know who to support when you are there.

There will be 8 of the top local players at the exhibition and since you are reading this article it automatically means you need to support either

George Kreeflewer Bence


Mark Rubilac Trent

Why? Well simply because these two fine gentlemen are both part of locally sponsored Mint Gaming clan and therefore are instantly way cooler than the other 6 contenders.

But if you really need to know the other 6, who I am sure are reasonably normal people, are

  • Barry Dreamer West
  • Travis Shase Weedon
  • Richard ANGRYAFRICAN West
  • Daniel McNoob Speirs
  • Jopie Jaxx Seimons
  • Philippus Alcardu Poggenpoel

In all seriousness we wish you all the best of luck and hopefully you guys put on a show worthy of the amount of effort Megarom are putting behind it.

Oh yeah and here is that form if you want to attend in person

[contact-form 8 "StarCraft 2 Exhibition"]

Last Updated: July 27, 2010

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