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Who wants to win a Mario Mug?

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Whether you start your morning with a cup of coffee for that much needed boost for the day ahead, or prefer to engage the morning with some classy tea instead, you’re going to need a mug.

Now, personally, I have a cup with the Batman logo emblazoned on the porcelain, which keeps away that cowardly and superstitious lot of criminals from my stash of Lyptons tea, but not everyone is as fortunate as me to have such a cool mug.

Good thing for you then, that we’ve decided to give away two Super Mario mugs instead! Details on what you have to do to win one of these beautiful drinking vessels after the break.

Now, Mario has quite a few power-ups that he can collect throughout his princess-saving escapades, but more is always better, right? So let us know in the comments below which power-up you’d add to a future Mario game if you could, and we’ll pick the best two.

So get cracking, and be imaginative guys!

Last Updated: December 14, 2011

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