Who will the final boss in Mortal Kombat X be?

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Mortal Kombat X is out in April this year, and I’m growing increasingly excited at the prospect of handing Darryn his ass as my vengeful hell-demon avatar sends a chained spear through his sternum and my own childish cries of “GET OVER HERE” gleefully echo the ones from the game. Right now though, we’re engaged in a different battle; we’re fighting over who we think the big bad guy in Mortal Kombat X will be.

We actually know very little about Mortal Kombat X’s story right now. We do know that it won’t be linear, and will in, chronologically, jump around a bit.

“It’s a direct continuation, but the timespan it crosses is 25 years in length,” Boon explained regarding Mortal Kombat X’s storyline. “There are periods that are directly after MK9, then there are periods that are five, ten, 15 and 20 years out. A lot of the events take place 25 years after where we see older versions of the characters, like Cassie Cage and all that. But it does jump around in time; it’s not a linear thing.”

According to Boon, the end boss will be a “surprising” return character.

Darryn’s pretty convinced it’ll be Shinnok. If you’re unaware, Shinnok is the fallen Elder God who served as the big bad boss at the end of the series’ first foray in to 3D, Mortal Kombat 4.His reasoning is pretty sound. Mortal Kombat 9 was a ret-conned retelling of the first 3 Mortal Kombat games – with the obvious conclusion being that this next game, which follows on, will move to Mortal Kombat 4. He’s forgetting though, that Raiden changed the history. There is of course, this bit of the ending that more than just suggests we’ll be seeing the Shinnok-devout Brotherhood of the Shadow play a large role – and we already know Quan Chi will be in the game.

Me? I think the end boss will be the series usual protagonist, Liu Kang. Now before you call me crazy, hear me out. At the end of Mortal Kombat 9, Liu Kang reckoned Raiden – the usual protector of Earth realm – failed to do his job properly, and challenged his status as a god. He destroyed the lightning god in Mortal Kombat, and was reborn as a fiery god himself. Absolute power, as the cliché goes, corrupts absolutely, and my guess is that Liu Kang – believing he’s doing things for the greater good – actually becomes an evil bastard.

Of course, the big bad this time could be a shunned Raiden instead – but as he was one of the first characters revealed, he’d hardly be “surprising.”

It’s actually not too removed plot wise from the story presented in Injustice; Superman goes a little loco, and delusional superbeing that he is, ends up controlling the entire world. Right now, I’m pretty convinced that that’s what’ll end up happening – and if it does, it’ll have earned me another fifty bucks from Darryn.

Who do you think we’ll come up against as the last boss in Mortal Kombat X? Who would you like it to be?

Last Updated: February 5, 2015

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