Who “won” and who “lost” E3?

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The press conferences are over. You’ve read all the information, watched all the trailers and made jokes about the matriarchal parents of people who favour different systems to you.  In the largely imaginary battle for gamers’ hearts and minds, who stands as the victor?

Microsoft, as promised, showed of nothing but games. No services, no TV, no sports – just games. Mostly though, it was all stuff we expected. We knew there’d be a new Crackdown. We expected Halo 2 remastered, and it’s nice we’re getting all four of the main Halo games on one disc. Sunset Overdrive looks pretty neat. Aside from Platinum Games’ Xbox One exclusive though, there was nothing really surprising.

EA showed how they’re an iterative publisher, by not just iterating on its games, but by iterating on its entire conference. It was essentially the same as last years, with a new number on the end.

Ubisoft, though enthusiastic, failed to wow or surprise as well. Rainbow Six: Siege was the only new reveal of any worth, but it fails for not being Beyond Good and Evil 2.

Sony showed its love of indies as expected, along with a couple of neat trailers and a not-so-surprising next gen GTA V reveal. Uncharted 4 looks nice, but it’s in-engine, and not in-game, so we have no idea what it’ll end up looking like when it’s actual gameplay.

The E3 conference madness is over. Who do you think won? What game shave impressed you, what titles have disappointed? Did you see anything that surprised, enlightened or enchanted?

Last Updated: June 10, 2014

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