Who won at the Tokyo Game Show?

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image Useless trivia time… the Tokyo Game Show has come and gone and I have to admit that it wasn’t overly exciting, all the big news is getting released outside of the trade shows which ruins it a bit but never the less these things are important and need to be analysed.

So here are some questions you can hassle your co-workers with until that clock finally drags itself to 5pm…

  1. The Nintendo DS was the most well represented platform with 18.7% of the games on show going to the little machine from Nintendo.
  2. The other little Nintendo machine (Wii) received 7.1% of the show down an entire percent from last year
  3. The PS3 had a modest increase from 3.2% to 3.5% still below it’s 2006 high of 3.6%
  4. The 360 had 7% up from 4.9% last year and 4% the year before
  5. Mobile phones plummeted 14.2% since last year but still took up 18% of the market.
  6. The PC is sitting comfortably in 3rd with 17.5%
  7. However that is a 5.2% drop from last year
  8. The most common genre was Other with 45.7%
  9. Action took second with 19.6%
  10. With racing trailing the pack with 1.1%

For all the gory details check out the Wired website. One other thing to note is that the PS2 was now the least represented console and will probably not be making the show next year.

Last Updated: October 13, 2008

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