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Why 3D Gaming will never work

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3D Gaming

Take a look at the image up there, it isn’t a bad picture or meant to be used as a point against the PS3’s dodgy graphics, it is in fact Gran Turismo being played in full 4D 3D.

To view the full beauty of the title you have to put on some wonderful 3D glasses, not to unlike these ones.

3D Glasses

Quite styling if you ask me.

Anyway the fact that you look like a right tw*t isn’t the reason that this type of gaming will never take off, I’m pointing at the Wii to prove this point.

The reason it won’t ever take off is because it doesn’t work for me. At all.

You see my left eye is a little dodgy and as such the glasses don’t create a 3D effect for me, rather they create a wash of colours all in the wrong place and subsequently make me feel ill.

And I don’t even wear glasses and according to an optometrist have near perfect dual vision. I am not unique either, lots of people in the world have lazy eyes and can’t view 3D movies, images or those silly fuzzy things you need to squint at.

Sony has been showing off this new technology at CES and the initial reactions are great, but I really don’t believe this is new. They have been trialling 3D movies for years and mark my words, it will never move out of being a niche market technology.

Not until they can replicate 3D without the need for the silly glasses.

Sony, how abouts stopping with this development and putting more effort into reducing the cost of the original PS3 so that we can all have one without getting that second job.

Last Updated: January 9, 2009

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