Why AAA devs go indie, Convoy is FTL meets Mad Max and Invisible Inc coming to PS4

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Invisible inc

With so many developers leaving AAA in favour of indie, many are wondering why AAA is so horrible. Is it soul crushing, or do developers just get irritated when things don’t go their way? Or, are developers finally seeing that it can be viable to make the games of their dreams, including weird mixtures of FTL and Mad Max.

Polygon’s Ben Kuchera did an interesting opinion piece about why AAA developers hate their jobs and it doesn’t sound too far off from this comedy sketch.

Instead of leaving the actual game design and creation in the hands of those who know best, too often it is influenced by outsiders who think they know what will help the game to succeed. Sounds like a mess to me and definitely something I’d run from if I were a developer.

Want to make the game of your dream? That’s what these guys are doing with Convoy which is described as FTL meets Mad Max. Okay, here’s more of description:

Presented in pixel art and set in a future post apocalyptic setting, Convoy is a squad based tactical combat roguelike-like in its core. As a player you travel with your combat vehicles and convoy across a wasteland to find parts needed to repair your broken spaceship. During your journey you might encounter strangers in randomized scenarios by picking up radio signals. Depending on the choices you make as a player, this can either lead to tactical combat, text based dialogue or chance based role-play. Whatever choice you make, you need to keep your convoy and its cargo safe from raiders, warriors and other enemies. Keep upgrading your vehicles, as death is permanent in Convoy.

It’s being released on Steam on 21 April, here’s the trailer:

I told you last week about Haiku Warrior. If you haven’t backed it and you like playing tabletop games, you might to reevaluate your decision making procedures. It’s two thirds of the way to funded with 21 days to go, so I think it’s a fairly safe bet that it will happen. Maybe. Kickstarter is weird.

I am a huge fan of Klei’s creations. Mark of the Ninja was one of my favorite gaming experiences, and Don’t Starve was an instant cult classic. Their latest project, Invisible Inc, has been looking rad for a while. It’s gotten quite some upgrades since it’s last Early Access build, and now it has a release date. 12 May 2015 you can grab it on Steam, but it’s also going to come to PS4 – happy days! Here’s the release date trailer.

Last Updated: April 16, 2015

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