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Why did Blur fail?

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Blur was released to quite it’s fair share of fanfare and critical acclaim last year, the title scored an average of 81% on Metacritic and was a highly entertaining game that everyone I spoke to really enjoyed.

And then it was gone, the sales were abysmal and the studio was forced to shut down. But how is this possible when it appeared to have done everything right?

Well Activision’s official comment is that it was subjected to poor market conditions and that the public had a general disinterest in racing games at the time, however Blur’s lead designer doesn’t agree.

Gareth Wilson has been chatting at the Develop conference and has put there failure down to one simple thing, Blur just didn’t have a good enough hook to keep people interested in the game.

They had the marketing money but when trying to advertise Blur the best they could come up with was a car with pink things coming off it and that just didn’t reverberate with audiences.

Apparently the developers raised their concerns with Activision prior to it’s release and stated that they think the game is missing something however Activision assured them the market wanted the title and well the rest as they say is history.

To be fair to Activision the game had already taken too long in development and had to now put up or shut up so you can’t blame them for getting it out there. It’s just a pity such a promising franchise just didn’t survive in the end.

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Last Updated: July 26, 2011

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