Why hello there Resident Evil Revelations 2 box art

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A while back, I had the misfortune to review Resident Evil 6, which was a clunky orgy of explosions with a personality as deep as TV housewife of wherever, and gameplay that matched its vapid attempt to hit all the demographics. It’s been a while since then, and on reflection, I’ve decided that I’m still 100% right about that waste of a game. What was a better game in that franchise however, was Resident Evil Revelations. And it’s getting a very well-deserved sequel.

Over on the AGB) some box art has shown up for “Resident Evil: Revelations 2?. Here’s the art in creepy question:

And while I’m adding images, here’s a moody screen that hints that this game will take place in a prison. The walking dead, shuffling around a prison? That’s a novel idea!


This isn’t the only Resident Evil game on the way, with an HD version of the original game also on the cards. Which likely means that Resident Evil 7 (You know it’s going to happen) is still years away. But honestly, that makes me happy. Resident Evil 6 was a terrible action film at best, while Revelations was a proper return to form that first surfaced on the Nintendo 3DS before jumping onto other platforms.

That was a fantastic, horrifying game that felt like an old school treat. More of that please. Expect an announcement from Capcom on this game, soon. And then toss me some of your delicious brains dudes. I’ve gone total zombie now, because next to these undead munchers, I’m like a freakin’ genius.

Last Updated: August 20, 2014

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