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Why Kevin Spacey signed on for COD

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One of the biggest surprises for gamers this year was the appearance of Kevin Spacey in the new Call of Duty: Advance Warfare trailer. So how did they get him to sign up for the project? It’s all part of his quest for power.

Speaking to examiner.com, Activision CEO Eric Hirshberg explained that Spacey was always their first choice for the role. It goes beyond lending his voice to the job – by doing a full performance capture he was going to bring a new level of emotional impact to the game. Of course, they had to get Spacey to agree.

We sat down with him and described the character to him, described the narrative, and first and foremost, I think he responded to that, but also when you sit down with him and say ‘this is how many people you’re going to reach, here’s the kind of engagement we get with this content,’ it’s pretty compelling.

Hmmm, so he liked the character and narrative. That’s a good start, but telling him the sales figures for COD games probably tipped him over the edge – games really are bigger than music or movies, and getting involved in this project will probably offer him more exposure than anything he could do on the silver screen.

I absolutely love to hate Kevin Spacey in House of Cards, and I think I sorta have a crush on him. I’m certainly more excited about the story of the game now – if it got Spacey excited, there has to be something new and different to it. Unless he was really only lured in by the scope of the project. Damn power hunger.

Last Updated: August 26, 2014

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