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Why Nintendo mustn’t try and take on Sony and Microsoft with the Wii 2

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So earlier today someone broke ranks and released the news about the upcoming Wii 2 which has now allowed everyone to be a little more open about what they have heard behind closed doors.

Basically we all knew Nintendo were announcing something at E3 this year and the next Wii was the obvious answer, however we ourselves don’t know what sort of system it’s going to be besides being HD.

Nick mentioned earlier that the Wii 2 is now more than likely going to be a real console like the PS3 and Xbox 360 and not a gimmick like the Wii and that is something he is happy about.

And that’s where I strongly disagree, I feel if Nintendo bow to the pressure from hardcore gamers and release a direct Xbox 360/PS3 competitor then we as a gaming community are going to suffer.

I see no future for 3 hardcore consoles going head to head and all we are going to see is the developers lean more towards one or two and leave the last one out in the cold to pick up scraps and then eventually fall by the wayside. I also think the console most likely to lose out in a 3 horse race could well be the PS3 as Sony have often stated they are looking at a 10 year life cycle and they won’t be ready to launch a competitor in time.

I feel right now that Microsoft are simply sitting back and waiting for someone to make a move before they announce their next console, Nintendo may just be about to do that.

The Nintendo Wii is the undisputed king of this generation when it comes to sales and it got there simply by offering up something unique and enticing instead of simply trying to out muscle it’s competitors.

What I would like to see from the Nintendo Wii is the following

Enhanced Motion Control

The Wii’s motion control is now substandard across the board but the idea of motion control isn’t going anywhere so I want Nintendo to copy the PlayStation Move and implement true 1 to 1 capture.


The Kinect is an awesome piece of machinery that the family is truly loving, Nintendo need to take a leaf from Microsoft’s book and implement a camera system in their next console (preferably built in).

HD Graphics

This is a no brainer, give the console the power to pump out real graphics and half the hardcore market will stop complaining.

Better online

Nintendo is terrible at online, whoever thought that friend codes were a good idea deserves a swift klap to the back of the head.


Blu-Ray and DVD playback availability would be a nice add on at the end.

But all of those are expected to be honest, the things I hope they innovate on are

Touch Screen Controllers

I want the middle of the controller to be a touch screen so that I can use the controller just like an iPhone, my inventory shows up on the screen and I can just touch to activate or swipe to do roundhouse kick.

App Store

Again following Apple’s lead it would be awesome if they allowed people to submit applications to their App Store and then we could use things like Flickr, Skype or a News reader to check out the latest goings on


I’m currently in the market for a new TV and I thought about maybe going out to get a projector instead, however what would be awesome is if the Wii 2 had an inbuilt HD projector so that when we went on holidays we could just stick it in the bag and then on rainy days haul the thing out and start playing without worrying about a TV.


Nintendo are the king of 3D right now and a 2D game with a 3D controller would be awesome, could you imagine playing Tomb Raider and as you get to a complex puzzle on a door you need to look down and solve a fully 3D gearing issue. Now that would be awesome.

I can see people sitting back and handing the controller around to see if anyone can get it working properly.

Integrated Achievements

This one’s not going to happen but I would be a very happy man indeed if Nintendo and Microsoft decided to team up and integrate the achievement system through both companies. Last night I was playing Star Wars on the 3DS and I managed to take out this massive dual turret and was actually disappointed that I didn’t get an achievement for that.

Okay so that’s me now it’s your turn, do you want the Nintendo Wii to die entirely reborn or just improved? Or are you done with Nintendo after one to many mini games and shovel ware?

Last Updated: April 15, 2011

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