If you haven’t already pre-ordered Grand Theft Auto V, arguably this year’s biggest game, expect to pay a little more for it. The local price of the latest iteration of the infamous murder simulator is set to increase, because our currency is in the toilet, according to the chaps at MyGaming.

According to them, and the retailers they quizzed about the increased cost, it all has to do with our the exchange rate and our currency’s currently plummeting value. Don’t be too glum though; the cost price to retailers is set to increase by just 2.7%, though it does make an already expensive game just that little bit pricier.

Both and Animeworx have confirmed that those who pre-ordered at a lower price won’t have to cough up extra for the game, which is all rather nice of them.

We chatted to the decidedly forthcoming local Take-Two distributors Megarom, who said that the price increase was unfortunately out of their hands – but they’ve done all they can to keep the price as low as they could. As somebody who used to work in importing, it’s a headache I understand only too well.

“The Rand has depreciated over 30% in the last year and has fallen by 6.6% over the last 2 Weeks. Megarom’s Devon Stanton told us. “Due to this Megarom has unfortunately had to raise the pricing on the title by 2.7%”

“The current RRP on the title is sitting at R749 from R729, and I believe some of the retailers are honouring pre-order pricing. It’s also important to keep in mind that our RRP may not reflect the cost of the title in store”

Right now, depending on who you pre-order from, you can still pick the game up for under R700. Takealot’s got it for R699, While seems to still have it available for a tempting R629. AnimeWorx seems to have already increased their price, and they’re offering it up for R760, while BT Games doesn’t have a price listed yet all.  CNA, as is the usual, has it at the recommended retail price.

Last Updated: September 5, 2013

was reviewed on PC

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