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Why the Xbox One cloud is useless for us… for now

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Microsoft has been very vocal about how the cloud is going to add a ton of power to their Xbox One console and that as things roll out we will see the benefit of the cloud. One of these benefits is that they are offering cut price server hosting for multiplayer games using their Azure platform.

What this means is that a game like TitanFall no longer has to rely on player servers and can have a ton of dedicated servers, up to 300 000 is their marketing number, dotted around the planet to make sure that gamers have the very best experience.

But this isn’t good news for people who don’t live in North America or Western Europe as you can see from this map of where the Azure data centres are placed.

Azure Servers

So this map is pretty easy to read, if you are in the green countries your online connection to an Azure datacentre is pretty much guaranteed to be under 100ms, the yellow ones are reachable under 100ms but can be up to 200ms.

The black countries are over 200ms. Now lets take a moment to look at how incredibly far away the closest Azure datacentre is to South Africa.

Now let’s go back to the multiplayer only title, TitanFall, which has been confirmed to be utilising the extensive Azure datacentre network and that will be released in just 2 months. Panicking yet?

Thankfully there is an open beta for TitanFall on the way so we can test this out properly and hopefully our connection is better as we do have some pretty thick pipes between South Africa and Europe so it may well still be playable.

There are rumours that Microsoft are planning a local datacentre to cater for Africa and if that is the case the Xbox One could well become the best multiplayer experience to have locally. Maybe that is why we aren’t getting the console until October 2014 locally?

But hey don’t feel too bad, all those South Africans that fled to Perth are now living in the middle of a desert and also don’t have access to first world datacentres, so there’s that.

Always makes me giggle

Last Updated: January 30, 2014

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