Why was Fallout 3 banned in Oz?

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Fallout 3 BANNED


So the big noise in Oz at the moment is all about why Fallout 3 was refused classification or in other words, BANNED…

The official reason is this

Corresponding with the list of various "chems" are small visual representation of the drugs, these include syringes, tablets, pill bottles, a crack-type pipe and blister packs. In the Board’s view these realistic visual representations of drugs and their delivery method bring the "science-fiction" drugs in line with "real-world" drugs.

So do they honestly think that 18 year olds don’t know about real-world drugs?

Well you see the problem is that the most severe game rating in Oz is Mature that allows anyone over 15 to buy it… So anything that is a little to risque for 15 year olds is banned across the country.

Now any normal person would just suggest they add a 18+ rating to the system and all the problems would be solved, however logic is something that just doesn’t exist in any government department in the world.

But there is good news, all Bethesda need to do is make the drug paraphernalia look a little less real-world and then it should be passed… because 15 year olds have no idea what an altered syringe would look like…

Last Updated: July 11, 2008

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