Why we won't see [email protected] on the Xbox 360

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I have posted before about people speculating that the Xbox 360 would be better at folding that the PS3. 

It has even been rumoured that Bill Gates himself wants the 360 to be used for folding, so why has this not happened yet?

Well Digital Media Thoughts have a new opinion and they may actually be onto something.

Basically they are saying that Microsoft cannot afford to ever put folding on the xbox 360 as the strain that the program will put on the system will cause it to overheat and give us the infamous red ring of death… Basically it’s down to a architectural problem with the Xbox 360…

The one thing I don’t understand though is how is it possible that Microsoft have not fixed their reliability problems yet? How hard can this really be?

Link to Digital Media Thoughts – Digital Media News & Views

Last Updated: May 14, 2007

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