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Wii Fit Media Challenge Winners Announced

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Wii Fits results

I don’t know if you remember but when the Wii Fit was released a little while back The Core Group challenged the attending media to use it on a daily basis and whoever managed to improve their BMI the most would be able to donate their console to a charity of their choice.

So the winners have been announced and it is with great embarrassment that I admit the entire Lazygamer team most probably increased our BMI over the course of this comp rather than improve it.

However all is not lost for the Internet world as the member of the media who won the competition is Lisa Konigkramer from the el33tonline.com website, second place went to Brian Murdoch of The Lair and third spot went to Nafisa Akabor of Mydigitalife.co.za. El33tonline rapped up the winners with Wayne Trollip exercising into fourth spot.

Well done to all of you and hopefully the next media comp has less to do with exercising and more to do with drinking beer… Then we may have a chance of taking the title.

Last Updated: August 7, 2008

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