Wii Inflatable Racing Kart is actually awesome

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Geoff may be quick to point out that we really don’t need yet another idiotic Wii accessory hoisted upon us for no good reason but I would bet that even he is slightly taken with this one.

It’s a fully inflatable Wii Racing Kart that is apparently fully compatible with all the racing titles available on the Wii.

It can hold up to 130Kg (300 lbs) and if you believe the salespeople it is perfect for drifting around corners and will make you the most popular person in your neighbourhood.

I would love to make fun of this thing but honestly.. I so want one.

Unfortunately it doesn’t come with a sexy salesperson included but surely you will be so cool when you use one of these that the ladies will just come a running.

Last Updated: May 31, 2010

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