Wii Music Trailer: This Makes Me Sad

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What you are about to witness, is an advert for Wii Music.

Wii Music doesn’t completely make sense to me. You can pretty much do what you want and still be apart of the songs. Which makes me wonder, why not just flip your television to MTV and wave your coffee mugs around instead? It’s cheaper for starters, well, as long as you don’t toss any of them into a wall.

The sad fact is that this “game” is going to sell like hotcakes, even though I think that most people are going to only toy around with it a few times and then never touch it again.

What also interests me and only serves to prove my point a little more, is that I could take the above video and replace the piano music with the sounds of bongo drums and most people wouldn’t even realise.

I know that Nintendo wants to make games that are interactive and easy to learn, but this barely makes you apart of the actual experience at all.

Last Updated: September 26, 2008

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