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Wii Peripherals Have gone Beyond the Ridiculous

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In my absence, Gavin posted about a pet peeve of mine; mindless Wii peripherals that don’t add anything to gameplay but do remove money from your wallet – if you’re the sort of person who keeps his wallet in his back pocket, right behind his brain.

With each new silly peripheral, you’ll find me calling it the dumbest thing to have ever been made. This though – Wii wings – takes stupid peripherals to new heights.

CTA, crap merchants, have begun advertising Wings for Wii, which are exactly what you imagine them to be – a pair of plastic wings your strap on to your hands which enable you to look even more goddamned stupid when playing the Bird’s Eye Bull’s Eye minigame in Wii Fit Plus, the sole purpose for which they were designed. that and ridding stupid people of their hard earned money, of course.

The site for the page honestly advertises this rubbish with flowery hyperbole like “While flapping your arms in the Bird’s Eye Bull’s Eye mini game the Wii Wings will help you to truly experience what its like to be a bird. Realistic flapping motions, compiled with the Wii wings add a sensation that you will not feel mimicking a flying chicken with your hands alone.”

According to the site the products “features” are :

• Achieve a more realistic flying experience 
• Feel the wind under your wings as you play
• Simulates real bird wings
• Helps to achieve higher score

Somebody has GOT to be taking the piss.

Have a look on their page, here then proceed to shake your head and feel sorry for any person stupid enough to purchase this crap.

Last Updated: May 27, 2010

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