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Wii successor rumour round up

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With the multitude of sources, it looks like an almost sure thing that Nintendo will be unveiling a brand new HD console at this year’s E3 in June.

We told you when the rumours first broke out that it wouldn’t just be a re-jiggered Wii; this bad boy was set to recapture the hearts and minds of hardcore gamers.

Game Informer started the rumour mill churning wit its report of a Nintendo console "is capable of running games at HD resolutions," coming in late 2012. Apparently, according to Kotaku, the new machine will be “more powerful than current-gen systems," with IGN adding that it’d be “significantly more powerful” than the PS3 and Xbox 360 – and would be capable of running Wii and Gamecube games as well.

Here’s where the rumours start getting a little more interesting. According to CVG the console will have a gamepad that features a built-in, HD screen. French site 01net corroborated that claim, adding that it would be a 6 inch touch screen with a front facing camera. They also claim to have the systems specifications; a multi-cored IBM PowerPC coupled with an ATI R700 series GPU and “at least” 512Mb of RAM. According to IGN, you’ll be able to stream games directly to the controller’s screen – but whether it’ll be full games or pared down versions – a la the Dreamcast VMU – is still up for speculation.

Codenamed “Project Cafe,” the new Nintendo console has reportedly been in the hands of large development houses like Activision, EA and Ubisoft for months – and though it’ll sport a more traditional controller, the system won’t dispense with motion control. Instead, it’ll’ have "capabilities that are ‘better than [PlayStation] Move.’"

To sum up :

“Project Cafe” will Be a powerful multi-cored, HD capable gaming machine with a sexy motion-controller that’s a touch-screen handheld console in its own right.

This seems to be an evolution of the underutilised pairing that could be done betwixt the Gamecube and the Game boy Advance. It allowed gamers to use the GBA as a controller or a secondary screen, for maps, inventory and the like. I think it could add an interesting dimension to games and I’m certainly intrigued. I’d jump all over this thing if Nintendo got their terrible online system right, and courted 3rd party publishers to provide more than the heaps of shovelware that plague the Wii. What do you think? do these rumours sound feasible? And if so, do they make you want this system? I’m not sure about that HD touch-screen, to be honest. Sounds like something that’d eat up batteries for breakfast.

Sources : Game Informer, Kotaku, IGN, CVG, 01net, Edge
Mock up controller courtesy of IGN

Last Updated: April 18, 2011

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