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Wii-U priced at R4 500

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No official price has been announced for the Wii-U yet but the Australian arm of gaming retailer EBGames has put the console up for pre-order with an eye watering price of AUD$599 or around R4 500.

The original launch price for the PS3 was between $499 and $599 and that move was widely criticised which resulted in lacklustre sales which forced Sony to reconfigure the device and release the PS3 Slim at a much more acceptable price point.,

While the idea of having touch screen controllers, Mario in 1080p and a single console to satisfy all the families gaming needs I can’t help but think the Wii-U is going to really struggle to move units at that price. Especially in the more mainstream market.

In related Wii-U news it has been revealed by Kotaku that the proprietary disc format of the Wii-U will be able to hold a full 25Gb of data.

Why they didn’t just go with a Blu-Ray is beyond me though.

Last Updated: June 8, 2011

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