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Wii U to get Day 1 update

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It’s not enough that games are coming in with Day 1 patches, it seems consoles are too! Those bastards ladies and gentlemen at IGN already have their hands on my precious – and according to them you can expect an update for the system on the very date that it’s released.

They say that the update will add new functionality to the console, including Miiverse, Wii U Chat, Nintendo TVii, and the eShop download store. They’re uncertain whether any other new functionality has been added, or whether there are any problems that needed fixing.

My biggest hope with Wii U system and game updates is that they’re the incremental sort; so you won’t be stuck downloading huge updates just to make little changes, as is often the case with the PS3.

It’s juuuust about 3 weeks until Nintendo’s new console sees release in South Africa and most of Europe, and my own excitement is becoming palpable. There’s nothing quite like a new gaming system to lift the spirits. And nothing quite like being R5k out of pocket to drown them.

In relatively unrelated news, the Smartglass app to allow you to use your own tablet on your Xbox 360 is now available on iOS, following earlier releases on Windows 8 and Android.

Some have labelled it a “Wii U” killer, but with such limited support and inherent input latency, that’s just a misnomer.

Last Updated: November 7, 2012

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