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Grounded to receive “larger but slightly less frequent” updates

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It’s been almost a year since Grounded launched into early access, and Obsidian Games have grown it substantially since then. Having said that, there’s been a spell of silence recently; Obsidian hadn’t made an announcement for a month or two and people were beginning to wonder what was going on. Fortunately, the developer has posted an update on the game’s blog reassuring fans that everything is still on track but there will be some developmental shifts going forward. Grounded will now receive “large but slightly less frequent” updates to help make said updates more “meaningful”.


It makes sense given the relative size of Grounded’s development team, which only makes up a small portion of Obsidian Games. “Our goal is to find the right balance of keeping the game fresh with new things while giving the team enough time to make quality features. As always your feedback in this process is critical as we figure out a good release cadence as we continue on the path towards our 1.0 launch,” reads the update. The next update for the game (0.10.0) is scheduled to release at the end of the June and will include a variety of neat additions, although nothing game-changing.


New building pieces, tweaks to giant food item discovery and collection, new photo mode options, mirrored building pieces and a new enemy type, the ARC.R, will be added to the game when the next update rolls around. Smaller additions include the ability to “sprint” while climbing ladders and the entire game has been updated to Unreal Engine 4.62.2, so expect some minor graphical tweaks too. Obsidian promises that these are just a taste of what the full 0.10.0 update includes, ensuring fans that bigger and better improvements will be announced close to the end of June.

Last Updated: May 31, 2021

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  1. Iskape

    June 1, 2021 at 05:18

    I played this game when it was first released. It couldn’t keep me hooked. Maybe I should give it another chance!


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