Wii Vitality Sensor: game patent revealed

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Remember the Wii Vitality Sensor? It was revealed to the public at E3 2009 and elicited a resounding “What?” from most people. Since then, the peripheral has been on the down-low, but Siliconera has dug up some information on a new Nintendo patent.

The patent covers the details of a game that would use the Vitality Sensor to monitor a player’s breathing. The game sounds somewhat simplistic, but knowing Nintendo it will be deviously addictive and strangely engaging. It’ll also have you trying to increase your “Relax Fluid” score – I think the word “fluid” offends me.

In the game, players have to utilise the Wii Remote to guide a blob-like character through a cave that continually scrolls along the screen. The Vitality Sensor monitors the breathing rate of the player, which animates a part of the blob character on each inhale. The ceiling of the cave continually changes according to the player’s breathing pattern. Obviously the aim is to guide blob-thingy through the cave without touching the floor or ceiling.

Once through, the game rates your breathing levels and provides you with a Relax Fluid score. This is then compared to your Relax Fluid score from the start of the level. Obviously, you want it to be higher at the end.

Yep, that Vitality Sensor still sounds pretty weird.

Source: Siliconera [via Kotaku]

Last Updated: October 11, 2010

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