Wild to feature possession and Bloodborne inspiration

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Wild 1

Geoff told us about Wild yesterday, mostly to rave about how pretty the game is but how we are still sad that making this game means that Ancel will probably never really have the time to make us Beyond Good and Evil 2. Still, Wild is looking gorgeous and the gameplay at least sounds unique. Over on the PlayStation Blog, we get a few more details than were previously revealed, too.

First up, Wild will include gender representation, with players able to choose to be a male or female shaman. Starting from when the shaman is young, the player follows him or her, watching the shaman powers grow. When the shaman learns to control a new animal, she gets a new tattoo etched across her skin; thus, different shamans will display a different collection of markings. Players can also choose just about everything, without clear moral guidelines imposed upon them:

Ancel wants to ensure that they avoid the common RPG structure that so many players have come to expect. The “Do X to be a good guy” direction is avoided in favor of complete player choice. Will the shaman start life by learning to control small animals like frogs? Or will he work harder to master stronger animals like wolves or bears? The choice is entirely up to the player.

The moment to moment play in Wild is a mix of survival and exploration. Players can traverse the land as the shaman, or call animal companions to ride (like the bear we saw in Paris). The shaman can also “possess” animals that he has previously mastered, seeing the world from their unique perspectives. Observe far-off terrain from the eyes of a hawk, or scout cannibal tribes undetected as a rabbit. Players can even lure predators by controlling sheep. But leave the shaman’s body unprotected, and death may come swiftly while his spirit is away.

Wild 2

I can already see how I will play the game, possessing all of the tiny animals as scouts so I can see the whole lay of the land before sending in my cannon fodder animals to lure the predators. Or maybe I’ll work hard so that I can command the wolves directly. Either way, I’m excited to explore this new world and see what this new gameplay has to offer.

Meanwhile, there will be some elements of multiplayer in the game. They haven’t revealed much, but it could be something along the lines of Bloodborne as Ancel stated that he was inspired by the game and wants to enable gamers to invite other players into their worlds to help or hinder their progress. I wonder if we’ll also see cave drawings and markings of some kind similar to the messages that players can leave for each other in From Software games. I like the feeling that other players have walked these paths before, even if you don’t ever actually encounter their characters.

Last Updated: October 29, 2015

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