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Wildstar goes free to play

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It’s tough for any MMO to succeed as a paid-subscription game these days, even when they’re actually good. The reason for that is it’s hard for any MMO to compete with World of Warcraft – and the list of games that have transitioned from being full, paid up subscription-based MMO’s to free-to-play ones is staggering, including the likes of The Old Republic, The Elder Scrolls Online and DC Universe Online. You can now add Wildstar to the list.

I’d actually forgotten Wildstar existed, but it’s not a game you can all enjoy gratis.

“This fall will be an exciting time for WildStar as we transition to Free-to-Play,” developer Carbine says on its site. “Since launch we’ve listened to all of your feedback and worked hard to improve your game experience. Part of that goal has always been to bring more players in to experience WildStar, and that’s what Free-to-Play is all about.”

So yes, the game will soon become free to play, supported, of course, by Microtransactions.

“Free-to-play… it’s the better business model,” says Carbine Studios Mike Donatelli. “Fact. There are no barriers to entry. Pick a forum, any forum, go there and there’ll be people saying ‘ I like the game, I’m just not paying you any money for it.’ And that’s every post… we absolutely acknowledge that the MMO community has evolved past the (subscription) business model.”

We actually rather liked Wildstar – it was a fun, Sci-fi romp with a great sense of humour – but even our reviewer said that as much fun as it was, he didn’t want to have to pay for privilege. The few who do subscribe will, of course, be getting extra goodies to help them feel like they havent wasted their money. You can read all about those extras here.

Last Updated: May 29, 2015

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