Will Battlefront gameplay break the internet?

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Battlefront tease

Star Wars is a big deal. No matter what EA does with Battlefront, they will have fans buying Battlefront just to get another taste of the Star Wars universe. It looks like they’re actually doing some good work on the project, though, with the hype train going full steam ahead thanks to some social media excitement.

First up, if you like pretty pictures, you should probably follow the official Instagram account for EA Star Wars. Then you can see an even bigger, piecemeal version of the header image. Of course, there’s a whole lot more hype than just a picture cut into three pieces. Here are some DICE staffers showing how confident the team is in their upcoming gameplay reveal (thanks VG247):

And then, habtual industry insider, Tidux also made some pretty big claims about what he’d seen:

Some of you may remember the “Amazing” phenomenon of E3 last year. Darryn and I had so many PR people using the word amazing when describing their games that it seemed to rub off on us a little in our Vlogs. I wonder if there was a conscious decision to go with “break the internet” as their hyping concept for Battlefront, or if someone said it and everyone else picked up on it and is using it on twitter. Either way, we didn’t need too much prodding to be excited for the gameplay reveal scheduled for this coming Friday night.

Last Updated: April 14, 2015

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