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Will DSTV work properly though the Xbox One?

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Totally gonna puke

One of the shining features of the Xbox One from Microsoft is how you can integrate your satellite or cable TV signal into the box so that you can control your TV through the Xbox One with voice commands and be able to play games while having the cricket snapped on the right hand side.

So far the reports from America have been fantastic about this service but this morning there are few complaints coming up about it’s usability once you leave the American continent.

In the UK and Europe, much like here in South Africa, the standard TV signal is PAL at 50Mhz while in the US it is NTSC and 60Hz. This doesn’t normally matter anymore as we all go through digital set top boxes which should nullify the issue.

However according to users of the Sky set top box when the signal is pushed through the Xbox One it results in some juddering

The score ticker was juddery during Soccer Saturday, and Spanish football was dropping frames when the camera was panning.

Again this is thankfully something that should be able to be patched with relative ease but it does once again point to Microsoft simply not thinking outside of America when developing the Xbox One.

By the time the device is released here this will hopefully be resolved and I know that Microsoft SA has had some high level talks with DSTV already so expect our satellite providers to fully support and possibly distribute the Xbox One in the near future.

Last Updated: November 26, 2013

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