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Will Fallout 4 avoid being as buggy as Skyrim?

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When it launched, Skyrim on consoles – the PlayStation 3 in particular – was a complete mess. It was mostly down to the PS3’s split memory architecture, and with just 256MB available, it was incredibly tricksy for Bethesda to fit the games myriad variables in to memory, so it would just bug out and slow to a crawl.

On top of that, there were about a million strange glitches and oddities, which is par for the course for such an expansive open world game. That’s something not even the superbly polished Witcher 3 could get away from. We expect fallout 4 will also have a number of oddities, bugs and glitches – but it doesn’t seem that they’ll be quite as game breaking as we’ve seen in Bethesda games past.

Just about every single great big AAA game has a day one patch that fixes whatever issues weren’t noticed (or were just completely ignored) before the game went gold – and The incredibly anticipated Fallout 4 is no different.

According to Gearnuke, players on both of the new consoles can expect a day one patch that ‘s “only” about 500Mb large – so that gives us hope.  While that’s still a considerable amount of data, given how big some other patches have been this is close to nothing. It’s a far cry from the 20GB day one patch that Halo’s Master Chief Collection had, or the two 15GB patches that were applied as a digital band-aid to Mortal Kombat X on the PC.



PC gamers will have to download a little more than a 500MB to get their game working, if they’ve opted for the retail version that is. While the physical discs contains more than just a Steam installer, there is other data that does need to be downloaded before the game will work. In all, you’re looking at about 41GB of storage that Fallout 4 will eat up on your consoles, along with weeks of your life.

Fallout 4 is coming next week Tuesday, and reviews should be up on Monday at about 3pm (South African time). Ours won’t be, because we’re getting the game about the same time you lot are.

Last Updated: November 6, 2015

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