Will Kinect sell over 3 million units this Christmas? I think it will

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So Microsoft, well Aaron Greenberg, came out earlier this year and said they expected to sell around 3 million Kinects over this silly season. Some people at the time scoffed at that calling Kinect little more than an Eyetoy.

Now some respected analysts have come out and stated they also expect Microsoft to sell over 3 million copies and yet the same Internet crowd is still scoffing about it being an Eyetoy.

So the question really is whether or not it will make that magical 3 million figure or not and the answer is simple. I see no reason why it won’t to be honest, the 4G Kinect bundle is priced very well for the casual gamer and there are far more than 3 million of those.

And that is the market that is being heavily targeted this year by Kinect. In most first world countries Microsoft will be spending millions in TV/Movie advertising to make sure that every Tom, Dick and Sally knows about the Kinect and knows that it’s a videogame that their kids will love and that will make their kids move.

Is it just an upgraded Eyetoy? Well yes, but that doesn’t make it a bad thing. The Move is simply an upgraded Wiimote and the Xbox 360 is just a PC in a box, the PS3 is just an upgraded PS2 and Blu-Ray is just an upgraded DVD.

Upgrading things and making them better is what the industry is all about.

I Kinect sells less than 2.5 million by the middle of January I will personally be very shocked.

Last Updated: September 21, 2010

Gavin Mannion

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