Will Rugby Challenge release before the World Cup?

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Yesterday we posted up our hands on feelings of Rugby Challenge as well as our interview with the publishers and what was common across both those stories is that we don’t know a release date yet.

However it’s pretty obvious that they would want to get the game out before the world cup and now a New Zealand retailer has slapped a release date on the title, the 26th of August.

This may just be hoping from the retailer but the game is being developed in New Zealand so we have to give this retailer a little more backing for now and it happens to be the same day as the Rugby World Cup game is released which would make for an exciting head to head.

The publisher is still stating that they have no release date yet and our local distributors are still in the dark as well.

I do wonder though, is the lack of release date a marketing ploy (that is working) or does the developer really not know when the game will be finished? Obviously releasing it after the world cup will negatively affect sales but at the same time this title should be a decent seller for quite some time so maybe that doesn’t matter?

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Thanks to our awesome reader, Andrew Bell, for spotting this.

Last Updated: August 2, 2011

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