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Will the first GTA V DLC feature Trevor’s mom?

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It’s no surprise that we are going to be getting a few DLC packs for Grand Theft Auto V. Hell even Rockstar themselves have stated as such even before the game was released. But the question everyone is wondering about is what story line will the DLC follow?

The first add-on has already been confirmed as the Beach Bum pack and while Rockstar have revealed that it will bring all new beach vehicles and new weapons to the game it hasn’t revealed anything about the story and what path that is going to take.

If we follow on from previous GTA games we can expect the story to ignore the main character and focus on some of the side characters instead. However with GTA V having 3 starring characters and the fact that everyone loves the psycopath Trevor then the new rumour that the DLC will feature Trevor isn’t so hard to believe.

According to a tweet I saw last night from IGN’s Greg Miller the upcoming DLC will be a prequel involving Trevor’s mom. This was said during a live show that he was doing that I can’t find a recording to so I have no idea if it was a joke or not but through some quick research it seems that this idea has been mentioned casually once or twice before on forums and the like so it could be something.

Personally I loved the old lady and Trevor so some more story centred around them would work perfectly for me.

If he did leak the information last night then expect a full announcement any second now.

Last Updated: November 6, 2013

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