Will the Next Tomb Raider Have Multiplayer?

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Multiplayer is definitely the “in thing” in videogames. Many people considering multiplayer as a means of adding longevity to a single player game – with some gamers even refusing to purchase games that don’t have the component.

Me? I think the unnecessary addition of multiplayer to decidedly single player games can sully the whole experience – and I prefer tacked on multiplayer to be omitted, thanks. It seems yet another a beloved single-player game may be getting unnecessary multiplayer, If a job listing by Crystal dynamics is any indication.

Crystal dynamics, the folks in charge of the current Tomb Raider reboot are looking for a lead designer with experience in designing multiplayer. According to the post the candidate should be one who “demonstrates advanced knowledge of current multiplayer design (systems, ability and technical interface).” He should also have the “ability to design multiplayer maps from written map designs” and “to work closely and communicate effectively with artists to implement overall vision of those maps”

While I’d normally shun the mere thought, Naughty Dog have shown how multiplayer in this genre could work with Uncharted 2 – and they’ve done so quite convincingly. Let’s hope Crystal Dynamics have what it takes to return the buxom Ms Croft to her rightful throne. If not, let’s hope they at least give here a stunning pair of breasts.

Source : Gamasutra Jobseeker

Last Updated: December 7, 2009

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