Will we see photorealism this generation?

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The “next” generation of gaming has kicked off, and it looks pretty damned good if you ask me. It’s not far removed from the sort of stuff we’ve been seeing on PC for ages already though. This isn’t really all that surprising. first generation consoles game in a new cycle tend to be far removed from the stuff you’d see at the end, or even middle of the generation. every year, developers have strived for – and gotten closer and closer to – real-time photorealism. Will we be seeing it this gen?

If this new 3D environment scanning tech, from Polish company Better Reality takes off, we certainly might. their new scanning tech, Thorskan, is currently in use by movie studios for creating highly realistic digital environments for film, but it’s creators say the tech can, and will be used for games.

A polish game developer, The Farm 51, will be using it for its upcoming PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 title, first-person shooter Get Even. They’re the folks who made Painkiller: Hell & Damnation.

Here are some screenshots from the game (which has no release date as yet), followed by a rather impressive video of the Thorskan tech in action. For a moment, however brief, you’ll swear you’re looking at real life.

Here’s the thing though. As impressive as that is, I’d much rather more effort was made in making digital people’s animation more lifelike, if not necessarily more photorealistic. It’s 2014, and it’s really about time people in games moved and behaved more like….well, people. We’re getting there – we’re just not there yet.

Header Image via Gamasutra

Last Updated: January 6, 2014

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