Win a code for the closed beta of Dirty Bomb

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Do you want to get in on the ground floor for what could be the next best thing or do you just like having something that most of your friends can’t get their hands on? Well either way today is your lucky day.

This morning we received a severely limited amount of codes for the brand new Dirty Bomb Closed Beta. Dirty Bomb is the upcoming free-to-play online shooter from Splash Damage where you get to fight your way through London Town like you’ve never done before.  Dirty Bomb is being promoted as the ultimate FPS run and gun challenge and I have to admit that I am loving their distinctive graphical style.


Okay enough jibber jabber, if you want to win one of the 3 closed beta codes we have then leave a comment below saying what makes you the perfect Lazygamer beta tester for us. Make sure you are logged in with a valid email address or twitter account so that we can contact you if you are chosen.

We’ll send the codes out before we knock off for beers today so expect them to arrive any time after 14:00

For more information about Dirty Bomb take a look at their official website or watch this video from the Alpha held last year.

Last Updated: May 30, 2014

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