Win a copy of Crysis 2 Nano Edition with local retailers!

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Crysis 2 is a big thing. Sequel to Crytek’s smash hit game from the future that no PC’s at the time could actually run. It’s the he first game to run on the shiny new GPU-melting Crytek 3 engine, and has you and your fancy nanosuit battling aliens in a future New York city. Sounds awesome right?

Wouldn’t it be more  awesome if you could get it for free? Thanks to EA and local retailers, you could win a copy. Not only that, it’s the highly coveted, exceptionally limited Nano edition for PC.

Zaps will be giving one lucky pre-order customer the game, gratis – provided their pre-order is fully paid up before March 24th.

Here’s what it contains :


The Steelbookâ„¢ features exclusive artwork with the Nano pattern print effect. It contains the Limited Edition version of the game including all four bonus in-game unlocks:
Bonus XP: Day 1 access to all preset classes
SCAR Weapon Skin: SCAR Assault Rifle Digital Camouflage
Weapon Attachment: Day 1 access to SCAR Hologram Decoy
Unique Platinum Dog Tag: Display your multiplayer rank and stats

Produced by First4Figures, this figurine of Alcatraz on a New York taxi features unique lighting effects as seen on the Nanosuit 2.

Designed around the Nanosuit 2, this generously sized backpack will accommodate a 17” laptop within its specially padded compartment making it great for everyday use.

Designed and produced by the Crytek studio team. Featuring over 150 pages of exclusive art and commentary documenting the games production.

Sweet! Details on Zaps’ competition on their blog, here.

To further your chances of nabbing the insanely awesome Nano edition, national retailer BT Games will be running a simpler competition. Details of their grab bag are scant, but here’s something to tease you with. Keep an eye on their site for details of when the competition goes live.

Oh, and don’t tell anyone I said this – but our friends over at PS3blog are giving away a copy too. Shhh!

Crysis 2 will be available at retail on March 25.

Last Updated: March 9, 2011

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