Win a copy of Dead Space 2 simply by commenting here

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So a bunch of people ran off to Incredible Connections incredible sale this morning only to find out that the copies of Dead Space were being held in storage until after the 50% sale… which isn’t terribly surprising really but still frustrating.

After reading all the complaints on Twitter we at Lazygamer felt that we had to do something to help, so we’re going to give a copy away to a lucky reader… again… this is the 3rd this week already which is pretty cool.

All you need to do to enter this comp is to post a comment on this post and then sometime tomorrow I will close the comments and throw all the entries through a randomiser and announce a winner.

You’ll get one entry for every unique comment you make, so feel free to spend all day just posting comments on this post. Just remember that each one must be unique and must be a valid comment compromising at least a single statement.

ie. “Lazygamer rocks” is a valid entry but “f sdt hn” isn’t…

Go forth and spam us… feel free to get your wife/mother/father/girlfriend/pet dog or neighbour to spam on your behalf as well.

[Oh and don’t be an idiot, use a valid email address else we can’t prove it was you who won and we’ll hand the prize to the next person]

*Competition only open to current residents of South Africa

**Thanks to EA Games for being awesome


****Okay I’m done..

Last Updated: January 28, 2011

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