Win a genuine leather Borderlands messenger bag worth R 2000 (and more!)

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Man, Borderlands. It’s one of our  favourite gaming franchises. Very nearly every member of staff has spent countless hours looting and shooting on Pandora and its moon. the humour compliments the gameplay, which compliments the treasure-hunting and looting. It’s pretty close to perfect. The two Jack-centric games recently saw a remaster for new consoles  in the Handsome Collection. We’ve got copies of that game, along with some really, really frikking cool merchandise to not just one but FOUR lucky winners.

Here’s what we have to give away:

For a single, grand-prize winner, we’ve got a genuine leather Jakob’s-branded Borderlands Messenger bag. It retails on the Gearbox store for US$180, which going by my maths, is about R428, 382. Gavin insists I’m wrong though, and that it’s closer to R2200. Whatever.  For a real Borderlands fan, it’s priceless. That same winner will also bag (hah!) themselves a copy of the collection on their platform of choice, some nifty Borderlands pins and a sweeeeeeet Butt Stallion coffee mug. BUTT STALLION!jakobsomg


“Everyone knows the quality that goes into Jakobs weapons, especially their weighted wooden stocks. When it comes to their leather-bound accessories you can expect the same high quality and classic styling you’ve come to know from Jakobs. These leather accessories will keep your belongings safe even during the most stressful situations, like the sudden fatal passing of 97 percent of your work force!”


For three other randomly selected winners, we’ll have a copy of the game, the pins and the mug. All you have to do to enter is fill in the form you’ll find here. The standard caveats apply: This competition is only open to people who aren’t part of Handsome Jack’s Robot army and reside within South Africa. Competition closes on Monday 4 May. Competition winners will be emailed as well as announced on You’re allowed one entry per wholly unique mail address – anything beyond that will be locked up in a vault.

Last Updated: April 22, 2015

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