We first heard about Hearthstone, Heroes of Warcraft a few months ago when Garth chatted to Blizzard about its new, free-to-play digital collectible card game. Recently, we got to actually play it, and we’re pretty convinced it’s digital crack..It’s currently in closed beta – so you’d have to be pretty lucky to be playing it right now. We’re going to increase your chances. 

The fine people at Blizzard have given us 80 Hearthstone Beta keys to give away to you lovely readers. We’ll be giving ten away every week day for the next 8 days..with the first batch of keys going out later today.

All you have to do to enter is fill out this form, and you’ll be entered in to our sweepstakes. Easy Peasy.

[Update] To clear some things up; codes are sent out in batches of ten, at 12pm CET. You needn’t enter every day, and email addresses that exploit Gmail’s “+” aliases will be removed. We also wont’y use your details for spam of any sort. 

[Update 2] There’s been a miscommunication; and we were meant to be running ten keys per week for the next 8 weeks. As such, we’ll only be sending more keys out next week. We’ve sent out just 30 so far, with the next batch being sent on Monday 23 September.  Apologies for the inconveniences. We’re trying to get more keys to match the incredible demand; with now over 120 000 entries. 

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Last Updated: September 12, 2013

was reviewed on PC

Geoffrey Tim

Editor. I’m old, grumpy and more than just a little cynical. One day, I found myself in possession of a NES, and a copy of Super Mario Bros 3. It was that game that made me realise that games were more than just toys to idly while away time – they were capable of being masterpieces. I’m here now, looking for more of those masterpieces.

  • That Tall Twit


    • Blazzok

      Seems like this has attracted quite a few overseas people. Key for Edd? I want a key Eddy!!

    • Richie Chan

      Also peeps. Go to http://hearthstonebetakeys.com and keep tabs on their daily posts. They’re usually first to post whatever news there is on Hearthstone Beta keys.
      If they have nothing right now just bookmark it or like em on FB. Goodluck.

      • FermentedOffal

        Don’t do the Skidrow beta DL crap. It’s another endless survey scam.

  • Dean


  • Admiral Chief of Rivia

    I’ll enter, who wants my key when I win?

    • Mr Tjax

      I will!!! 😀

      • Admiral Chief of Rivia

        No probs, pop me a message if you see I win

        • Mr Tjax

          Do u know when they having the first lot sent out?

          • Admiral Chief of Rivia

            No idea, keep looking at the site for articles posted!

          • We will just be mailing them out; not listing winners on the site. I expect to do the first bacth by arnound 2pm today.

          • Mr Tjax

            Ok cool, what are the chances of the moment of winning?

          • Admiral Chief of Rivia


          • Kreati

            Dude if u get one i really want that key xD

          • Admiral Chief of Rivia

            Sorry dude, Mr Tjax asked first…

          • Its not great! We have about 1200 entries at the moment. Trying to organise more keys though!

          • Mr Tjax

            So do we only have to fill out the form once to be in the pool or do we have to do it everyday?

          • Just once (but if you use a different email, you get another entry)

          • ballo

            I misread the update and I posted twice, once yesterday and once today. Am I D/Q’d or will you just delete the double sub?

          • Tarisma

            wow on average how many entries do you have per comp?

          • Depends entirely on the comp. Beta keys actually tend to get quite a few, because theyre not restricted by locale.

          • Tarisma

            Oh wow, cool guess I must of been very lucky to win a FF14ARR one then

          • Christina C

            Has…Has it started??

          • Jessica

            I want 1 <33333

    • Mr Tjax

      Do u already have one?

      • Admiral Chief of Rivia

        No, just feeling generous.

        • Mr Tjax

          We really need people like you in the world 🙂

        • Mr Tjax

          Hey dude, did u get a key?

          • Admiral Chief of Rivia

            Nope, unfortunately not

        • Shaune Barboutiz

          you have beta keys and your giving them away

    • Marco Friedrich Mickeymouse

      Why enter at all if you end up giving it away?

    • Yourmama.com


    • Dari

      can I have your key :/ pretty hard to get a key here !

    • Ruben

      I would love one, I love hearthstone sooo much and I want it sooo bad I really want to win if you will give it to me i will give you all my gratitude.

    • alain henry

      il take it!

    • Richie Chan

      Also peeps. Go to http://hearthstonebetakeys.com and keep tabs on their daily posts. They’re usually first to put out whatever news there is on Hearthstone Beta keys.
      If they have nothing right now just bookmark it or like em on FB. Goodluck.

    • Naruke15


    • Scallibur


  • GeoffChisnall

    Been so curious!!! Applied for beta but just haven’t been lucky enough!

  • Umar Final Fantasy 15 Hopeful

    Hey by the way what happened to the FF 14 comp that was to be announced yesterday?

    • James Philip Lawrence

      i knnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnow 🙁

      • Winner will be announced shortly. Apologies for sucking hard.

        • Admiral Chief of Rivia


        • Admiral Chief of Rivia

          If you suck long, and suck hard, you will succeed

          • Unavengedavo (aka. Frik)

            Suck seed? O_o

          • Admiral Chief of Rivia

            Aye, hence why I don’t suck

          • Unavengedavo (aka. Frik)

            Well, if at first you don’t succeed… Suck harder 😛

          • Urp

            suck seed

  • Unavengedavo (aka. Frik)

    “We’ll be giving ten away every week day for the next 8 days”

    Te diep in die bottle weer gekyk? Or is it Brenda’s influence?

    EDIT: Sorry, I read that completely wrong and I apologies. Lyk my ek het weer te veel koffie in :O

    • Admiral Chief of Rivia

      Comment makes sense to me? 8 Week days?

      • Unavengedavo (aka. Frik)

        Week days as in Monday to Friday, I presume.

        • Admiral Chief of Rivia


          • Unavengedavo (aka. Frik)

            For some reason I read it as “We’ll be giving ten away every week for the next 8 days” 😛

    • Devourer of Small Bunnies


      • Admiral Chief of Rivia


        On another note, man, your profile name makes me lulz time and time again.

        Does that make me demented?

        • Devourer of Small Bunnies


          • Admiral Chief of Rivia


          • Devourer of Small Bunnies

            😉 xx

    • lolderp.

  • Dmitry

    plz key

  • That Tall Twit

    I thoroughly enjoy the Warcraft Lore.

  • Christouffe

    Done !!! fingers crossed 😉

  • Zaiku

    Mhhhhhh…… I need =)

  • ToshZA

    Yes please? Thanks.

  • Charles Du Plessis


  • Milos Krstic

    brb going to make a small sacrifice for lazygamer…

  • Mr Tjax


  • Skeptical

    *Competition is only open people within the confines of South Africa. Competition winners will be drawn daily. The winners will be emailed.

    • Updated terms. now inclusive of everybody on planet earth.

      • Unavengedavo (aka. Frik)

        So what about the people in the ISS? Are you discriminating against astronauts?

        • Yes… because they didn’t invite me over to their house so they can’t have a key

  • Deano

    Pick me! entered so amped!

  • Mykarith

    Done :p

  • EXbob

    I’m so pumped to play this, it looks like the first card game I’ll really get into! 🙂

  • Wei Heng Ng

    OMG ANOTHER GIVEAWAY! when will you start sending out keys?

    • Mr Tjax

      in about 4 hours

      • er… probably closer to 6… the response has been epic though so we are trying to secure more keys

        • Admiral Chief of Rivia

          GG Lagz, yet again

        • FermentedOffal

          Epic indeed. This game looks looks awesome. If I can’t land a key I’m happy it’s going to be F2P

        • Mr Tjax

          What time and time zone will they be sent?

  • Tommy Gandon

    whats life without hearthstone?

    • Gobble Gobble

      Refreshing email….

  • Manuel

    OMG!!! hope i win 😀

  • OlSnakeLegs

    I’d love a Hearthstone key! 😀

  • FermentedOffal

    Do multiple submissions for the same emails count? I really hope not because I know people will be sitting here farming submissions leaving people who don’t at a massive disadvantage. I’ve been watching Kripp play this for a week now and it looks incredibly fun.

  • TheRedDragon


  • Wei Heng Ng

    what is the time over there right now?

    • hearthstooooooon!


  • Norbert

    Seems Server ist down :/

    • Norbert

      is* 😛

  • Damir Ibatullin


  • Eva Miffins

    well, can i join your party and try my luck out?))

  • alain henry

    cant wait!

  • Plamen

    I WANT hearthsone beta key PLS PLS

  • Deano

    Hopefully Heartstone Beta keys become like Dota 2 beta keys.

    So we can all have 12 🙂

  • Scott Hager


  • antigaara

    enjoy, little overdose on site

  • alain henry

    i want a key! ive been waiting too long!

  • Gerhard Davids

    Whooooooooooooo sweepstakes!!

  • Anghild

    Great to see some SA love. Whoop whoop!

  • Qist

    Hope for win. Good luck all.

  • Fahren

    I have entered, good luck to everyone.

  • Mr Tjax

    Good Luck guys!!

  • Mr Tjax

    Can you please also comment when you have sent the codes out please?? 🙂

  • Daniel Mason

    So jacked for this game

  • Jan Simecik

    Thanks for opportunity, guys!

  • Sc2ubs

    Entered too! Wooo~~ Fingers crossed~~

  • Element

    give me key plz

  • Dadapatata

    did it

  • Jonathan

    Count me in!

  • Delloran

    good luck

  • Conveu

    want this game so hard…

  • exgumator

    gl all

  • Max Sharipov


  • Christopher Pins

    gimme the key pls ! <3

  • Jester

    won’t there be a ton of people using multiple e-mails?

  • Kevin

    Guys i just got my beta key from here

  • Kevin

    Guys i just got my beta key from here


    • Anghild

      Scam site

  • Kevin

    Guys i just got my beta key from here

    hearthstonebetakeysfree.blogspot. c o m (remove spaces)

    • Anghild


  • xhouse

    Fortune dnt love me (

  • Gintoki

    Entered ^^ *crosses fingers* please, please, please.

  • Digul

    gimme the key pls

  • DrTOO


  • Renato

    done, give me a key please T_T

  • Entered hope i win 😀

  • I have sent out the first 10 codes. congrats to everybody who received. Will send another 10 tomorrow. 🙂

    • Akaikee

      Thanks for the giveaway, although i didnt get a key – a few more days to go!

    • kk

      I am a little bit late today 🙁

      I would like to know that does those people who got a key today, will they get another key with the same email tomorrow? (I hope not!)

  • Vladislav Galushko

    Gl to all!

  • Andrés Castaño

    done!! keeey!

  • Akaikee

    damn…. didnt get a key 🙁

  • Unforgot10

    key plssss

  • Jazya

    I love these kind of games and all i have seen so far this game will be awesome so pls give me a key

  • Mix4fun

    Done, Hope I can get one 🙂

  • bb

    how much time left before recieving the email?

  • Marco Semeraro


  • ToxaWK

    Does a guy from Ukraine have a chance to win this? Say yes, please – INSPIRIT ME!

  • Dishu

    gl guys

  • xSentaru

    Geoffrey, I’ve singed into the event like 1 and a half hour ago. Was I in the draw?

    • Probably not; i did the draw an hour and a half ago. You’re in for tomorrow though; everybody who has entered is in (except for the guys who won the first 10)

      • giddieon

        My heart is filed with sorrow and despair that i missed the first draw…

        now i must go search for the frayed pieces of my heart… in hopes that tomorrow will look brighter…

  • Hikari.Dia

    i entered 🙂 good luck to everyone 🙂 realy want a beta key .

  • Mounir

    Being trying to get a hold on one of these for weeks 🙁 ex-yu-gi-oh! and magic veteran, i hope i’ll get lucky this time 🙂

  • Nick Hill

    🙁 no key for me

  • James Richards

    As a fan of WoW more recently and Magic the Gathering in my younger days. I cannot tell you how excited and keen I am to play this game! Just entered, thanks for the opportunity!

  • Daniel Koh

    really hope i win a key! Been watching hearthstone streams and video everyday!!!

  • CrasH


  • Kevin

    There is currently guys beta keys giveaway on this wbsite


    • Anghild

      Please stop with your scam sites

  • Tarre

    Signed! How frequent is the giveaways?

  • Joker

    Please give me key)

  • ionik

    keys are distributed once a day or when away when she won?

  • joff

    can you let us know when they have been sent out

  • Mage Control

    Best Game Ever!

  • Robert Li


  • Myrkul


  • Dukus

    Just entered=)Wanna key=)

  • ??????? ??????????


  • giddieon

    Oh please oh please oh please oh please…… Let me win beta…. I pray to the game gods… ….. COME ON BETA KEY… Please let FAT MAN GOBOOM win a Beta key….

    • giddieon

      PLease gaming gods… see it that lazy gamer grants me a beta key… watching over 30 of hours of streaming has made me want this game so so so very much…

      If Lazy gamer does not today… may it be tomorrow…

      Let me be granted the glorious beta key and I shall spread the word of lazy gamer… well I will do that anyways…

      All kidding aside… cheers to all that get a beta key and cheers to lazy gamer for a great contest… I am happy that you are sending them in a contest.. it is sad that some people are selling the beta keys…

      Again Cheers to all..

  • Bill0405

    I’m in. Sooooooo cant wait to get my hands on this! I can only watch so many rounds on youtube!

  • smexybeast

    Entered! Gl everyone

  • Albin


  • Ruben

    Hello. Pleaseeee Ive wanted a hearthstone beta key soo bad!!!! It is sooo good please you will not regret it! I dream of getting that amazing game!!!!

    • giddieon

      Me too who do you hope to play as more as for as heroes go??? I am leaning more towards… Druid Shaman and Hunter or Paladin…. the one I least like is Warlock…

      Rouge and mage seem to be the popular ones at least for Arena…

  • Xaxatix

    Did this happen already?

  • Vorobchevici Ovidiu

    do we need to sign up every day or just once is enought to able to participate for each day

    • just once!

      • Vorobchevici Ovidiu

        thanks,nice to see more hearthstone beta keys giveaway,i participated in over 10 contests so far and no luck,maybe this time will be different

  • giddieon

    Here are two links… One is to a wallpaper I made for hearthstone for anyone to use if you like it… the other is a new character a NEW HERO for Hearthstone just got released check him out here…


    Wallpaper is here…


    Hope you like it…

  • leqosxbl

    Really hoping I win, been trying to get a key for this game for like 4 weeks or so. 😛

  • Brandon Riley Degroot

    im so excited for this :3 i hope i get one!! :D:D ive been watching it on twitch since blizzard released it :3

  • Aleksandr

    Me and my bros would love a key 🙂

  • Finaldeathx

    All Signed up!

  • kesvin

    Please I need a key… I beg you guys 😀

  • sarrowind

    yay for keys thanks for the contest

  • Rojman

    Entered! Good luck to all!

  • Mintbear

    Hope i win, entered 🙂

  • Xenochaos

    Wait, have you already given away today’s keys?

  • oluu

    do u have keys yet??

  • Kestalkayden

    Entered. I’ve been looking for one of these for quite some time 🙂

  • giddieon

    So what time do you think the draw will happen about every day??? eveningish mornooning
    or night time…

    other then that… crossing my fingers… good luck to all and who ever wins… after you play it a while can you make a post about how you think the beta is… and what you like about it and don;t like about….

    Good luck…

  • Nikita Morozov

    Just 1 key for me please <3

  • David Bui


  • Player

    Entered 🙂 Hoping that I win

  • SreccY


  • JuVe913

    Sent 🙂 Thanks for doing this guys! Been trying for quite long to get one :/ Good luck everyone !

  • Adreezy

    I would LOVE a key, this game looks pretty fun!

  • Zach


  • Dibbla

    Finger crossed!

  • Coltanicus

    I want a key so bad. Watching all these videos on it have made me super jelly (o_0)

  • Muffler

    Just entered! Missed today but fingers crossed for tomorrow!

  • Bankey

    Good luck to all! Been trying to get a beta key forever now

  • Ejento

    Let’s hope.

  • Zbiku

    I hope i win one 😀 My girlfriend must leave me alone for one month 😀

  • MortalGod


  • Debora Siclari

    May I know if someone receive a key with this contest?!? I try more giveaway….but I’m so unluky 🙁

  • Bobby

    Awesome ! Thank you !

  • Alex

    Hey. My body. Is work. If I can have it key. Solve.


  • giddieon

    can’t wait… tomorrow will be the lucky day for some of us…. eh…

    till then….

    meditation relaxation and praying to the gaming gods…. lol

  • Hey guys! Second batch of keys going out at around 12 CET today! I’ll post here to let you know I’ve sent them, so you can scramble to check your mail. Good luck! 🙂

    • Admiral Chief of Rivia


  • Moony

    Wow, this is the first i’ve actually heard of Lazygamer. Worth keeping an eye on 😉

  • frenky


  • Aidan

    i hope i get a key i have been dying to try it out for ages please pick me please

  • tedsta

    please heavens give me one!!!!!!!!!

  • Dastric

    has the keys been given out yet ?

    • Not today’s ones, no.

      • Dastric

        thank you for the fast reply, im in sydney so its kinda confusing im talking about the one that happened yesterday? and also in how many hours is todays batchgoing out

        • Yeah; yesterday’s are gone, we’re sending another ten out in about 3 hours.

          • Dastric

            ahhhh thank you ! hoping i finally win a key Q_Q

  • Pontus

    Has keys been givnen out yet?

  • AlexT

    Believe in the heart of the cards 😀 ! Best of luck to all !

    • markobaskitch

      Good luck, and good day to you sir. 🙂

  • roulette

    key plz

  • Marjek

    Entered! 😉

  • Jack Tyler


  • Zerocool

    b key

  • Beth Hernandez

    I got my hearthstone beta key from http://genuinehacks.com/hearthstone-beta-key-generator/

    Still many keys are left there . Go and get yours

    • Anghild

      Still many places left in hell. Go and claim yours.

  • Beth Hernandez
    • Anghild


  • Deano

    Lazygamers please check your outgoing mails, think there is a problem.

    No key here yet 😛

  • UltimateNinjaPandaDudeGuy

    I waaaaaant ooooooone! Mainly cause it is free…

  • Mr Tjax

    When will the Keys be sent out today?

  • De Villiers Maree

    5mins to go!!!

    • Mr Tjax


  • Vorobchevici Ovidiu

    you announce the winners as well?

    • Mr Tjax

      No they dont announce them in the comments they will just email u

  • Phylax


  • Phylax

    Cmon! I want a key!!!

  • Phylax

    Anybody got one?

  • Vorobchevici Ovidiu

    how do you know if they sent 10 keys?

    • Phylax

      They tell us!

      • Vorobchevici Ovidiu

        anyway i hope win one,i am looking for 1 key from 2 weeks,i spent over 40 hours participating on contests,giveway,and over 80 hours watching stream

        • Aidan

          same here :/

  • Phylax

    Nothing! /cry

  • kesvin

    Cmon! Beta key Baby! :DDDD

  • Phylax

    So…not even one guy bragging about his won key?

  • mamba

    Calm down, I hope they’ll post here when they send keys

  • I have mailed out the next ten keys.
    The next blast will be on Monday; good luck to everyone.

    As a side note; to those of you using gmail’s “+” aliases, I strip those away to make it fair to everyone.

    We’ve received over 30 000 entries; more than we ever expected – so we are trying to get more keys for you.

  • Goodluck Guy

    Entered 🙂

  • Duster

    When is the next wave going out?

  • Jakob Maddison

    I want get this key

  • sarrowind

    what time of day do these go out 🙂

  • Deano

    Do we have to re-enter each day ?

  • Talzanar

    Entered 😀

  • Tiandar

    Any news when the batch from Today will come?

  • TonJa

    I need one please

  • dastric

    welp, the pcgamer giveaway was a complete fail as the redeem prompt never showed up and a few people were able to access the distributor gg

  • Niki

    fingers crossed!!! i hope Friday the 13th hasn’t jinxed me!

  • iPixelPierre

    Why couldn’t this be for SA only?

  • ballo

    I misread the update and I posted twice, once yesterday and once today. Am I D/Q’d?

  • Aidan

    i really want a beta key it would really make my week… 8**(

  • epoflepo2

    need a key
    please give me one i have tried too get one for like 2 hours

  • epoflepo2

    please i need a key
    i am broke dont have any money

  • Damanye

    I hope I get one 🙂

  • Daniel McKeown

    I want to win so badly! :0

  • Arif Rasydan


  • Aidan

    i really want a key i want to try this game out so badly, it looks awesome on youtube. Its 5:14am where am from that’s how much i want to play this game, if i get a key it would make my life a lot better

  • markobaskitch

    Geoffrey Tim, how long until today’s batch of keys are sent out? 🙂

  • darksters

    Hope i get a key b4 gta5 lol. If i get 1 after i will play hearthstone and ignore gta 5.

  • Rezhez11

    Im in

  • Rezhez11

    Will be the keys given out today?

  • FrostBite

    i hope i can get a key….

  • Corrosivelamb

    i want a key!

  • Fer0x

    Are the keys for today already sent?

  • Pedro Gomes

    Hey, If you have any key that you could send me I would apreciate it. Thanks in advance! 😛

  • Mufire

    reall hope to get one!

  • BCN

    gl all !

  • Jumbo

    entered hope i win !

  • Bryan Fu Wei Hao

    key plz man

  • Xalomonos

    Need a Key 🙂

  • Dev

    LazyGamer pls, rali will carry :C

  • Basilio

    Key pls.

  • cookie

    could someone give me a key? at [email protected]
    cheers <3

  • Kevin

    There are right now beta keys giveaway on this website


    • prigol

      i really doubt these are real… i cant pass the surveys cause they´re different in my country and its really hard to pass those, so i wont confirm anything, still sad because i cant try to pick one D:

  • Pupopolis

    I’m going around entering as many of these as possible at the moment. Hopefully that works out.

  • Chris Clark


  • Bob Black


  • Chris Bale

    A key would be nice! 🙂

  • kyle

    ive been wanting this forever

  • mokota


  • Milano

    Hope I win good luck to every one 🙂

  • Stanley Hound

    Can i get a key please i reached diamond 5 in league http://imgur.com/UQLZgzS
    and won a curse tournament http://www.twitch.tv/curseentertainment/b/458520211?t=48m20s for real money, please im getting bored of league please i beg you give me a key please, if you want more proof im na stanley i can give you more pictures or live stream. please 🙂

  • Benjalum

    Benjalum here, Need a Key please… Me and My Wife Love this game!!!! BETA KEY PLEASE <3

  • Benef

    Welcome,Here You have few beta keys ;]
    Activate it quick! First come, first served 😛


  • Nikolay Dimitrov

    Ive signed up 🙂 PLEASE PICK ME!!! 😛

  • Hank Oswald

    wont beat cod

  • Gandalf

    i dont understand is 10 given away for the next 8 days or 10 given away a week for the next 8 weeks

  • Hearstone Hearstone

    need beta key

  • Monna

    Let’s go !! for the win

  • Eleico

    Gl hf, need 1 key plz :'(

  • Kamil Kurek

    Give me a key!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Aisar

    Nice just entered, have never played a card game so interested to see what this is like. Looks like a more casual version of Magic.

  • ???????? ?????

    Wanna it! pls give me beta key

  • Kevin

    Hearthstone beta keys giveaway is on this website below


  • Kevin

    Hearthstone beta keys giveaway is on this website below.


  • EaglePunch

    So you have already sent the beta keys for today?

  • kimkop


  • NiGma

    Key plz

  • Oleg Kodenko

    key pls)

  • Jim

    Need key ! please

  • den


  • S1ntezpro

    Pliz key me

  • Ghostuker

    PLiz Key for me!!!

  • EmirSc

    I want a key. hope i get lucky this time. cheers.

  • motionman

    nice ))

  • motionman

    good luck all

  • Joc

    done 🙂 plz send me a beta keys for heartstone 🙂

  • Masik

    wow, I must get it ^_^

  • Jaime Berkovich

    I hope I win… What the heck probably not.

  • FkzAzorean

    Applied, are these keys valid for EU?

  • Sean Jordan

    any keys going out today!?

  • StewartJR

    I do love card games and this one looks very interesting and new style of card gaming, was unfortunate to not get a beta key! Can only hope to win one.

  • Wells

    Is this still going on, has anyone won?

  • Skye

    has any one gotten a key yet?

    • Yes people have received some 🙂

      • Skye

        for today or previously?

        • Previously, todays are being sent shortly

          • hopba

            12pm CET ?

          • hopba

            12pm CET???

          • Josh

            how long from now until keys are sent out?

  • hopba

    what time is the giveaway this time ^^ 🙂

  • ??????? ?????

    Just be here…

  • markobaskitch

    can you please update when keys are finished being sent out to people? cheers 🙂 x

  • hopba

    come on send me one already 🙂

  • eiouhnrt

    have the keys been sent yet?

  • hopba

    wha happened?

  • Souseiseki

    Did the send keys or not? 12pm has long gone by now….

    • hopba

      he said 1 hour until next batch 3 and a half hours ago 😀

  • hi guys;

    Sorry – I’ve been in meetings all day – but keys were sent out just before 12pm CET today. another ten will be coming tomorrow. We now have over 40 000 valid entries after removing duplicates.

    • Vorobchevici Ovidiu

      i entered 2 times same e-mail ,because you asked for name not elias,i hope you dont remove all duplicates,and keep 1

      • Prettttyyyy sure I saw your name in the list actually. check your spam, check for a mail from geoff[at]lazygamer[dot]net. Don’t wanna get your hopes up..but I think you won a key today.

        • EaglePunch

          Yeah i sent 2 by accident same email :/

        • Vorobchevici Ovidiu

          yes i won a key thank you very much i spent over 30-40 hours looking for one,much apriciate,i was very disapointent by previous giveaway,i dont really belive i won one

        • Oscar Cabrera

          tell me that you saw my name also and i will be dancing 2 hours only for having a beta key 😉

  • Alex

    entered hope i get one

  • Sarah

    I didn’t get one… 🙁 I was kind of hoping I’d be lucky because it was my birthday on the 14th, but no… ah. It would have been a good birthday present. I really want a beta key! D:

  • Hards

    so hard =(

  • Kestalkayden

    Awe. No Key yet 🙁 over 40,000 entries though. Damn. ._.

    • Juan

      thats what you get for opening the comp to all earthbound inhabitants

      might have been 40 010 if they included the space station

  • Juan

    still a few days left, hoping i get lucky . . .

  • BlueDragon

    I hope i will get a chance to have a key! I’m really looking foward to this game…

  • Xalomonos

    Maybe my Key is coming from here? :=

  • ilya


  • Kevin

    beta keys giveaway on this website

  • Kevin

    There is currently beta keys giveaway on this website
    hearthstonebetakeysfree.blogspo t .c om

  • Mike Larsen

    Cool contest ty! entered now good luck to all!

  • FkzAzorean

    hmm do i need to put my real name or i wont ever get a key?

    If so i need to duplicate my e-mail entry.

  • Zidong

    Really hope that i can win a key 🙂 want to play this game so much!!!!! GL ALL!

  • KamC

    Eh i need this key… maybe tomorrow..

  • Lie Sayvongsak

    Still no key :c

  • Ian

    so can we put multiple emails with same name im confused

  • Cheesie Christ

    Man, I want a key so bad. I never win anything.. ::sigh::

  • hopba

    i want to win already 😀

  • Astavest

    I want this game so badly.. Does anyone know what the odds are?

  • hopba

    Odds are Bots grabbin all keys.

    • Astavest

      Lol, I meant what are the chances of winning :3

      • hopba

        yea i know. Its reduced a lot because of bot accounts. Also, they opened a gap between giveaways. So more bots can get into giveaway. By the way. 120 000 enteries. Seems Legit 😀

        • Astavest

          Holy moly that’s a lot of lazy gamers 😮

        • We remove dupes, and i’ll personally go through to get rid of seriously dodgy entries. I really want these keys to go to real people who want to play the game.

          • Dima

            Thank you for being fair 🙂

          • hopba

            Gimme one i am real 😛 been twiting you ever since 😀 at least request one XD dont have GTA V dont have hearthstone… goin crayz here

          • Novistri

            First site I’ve been to that seems to care about the player base enough to check things like spammers or bots. Thanks for the effort sir!

  • Astavest

    So have today’s e-mails been send out yet?

  • kafka Wang

    Hello Geoffrey,

    I just re-enter my application for updating my real name (I joined the first day), please check it for me if you have time, thank you very much!

  • Fer0x

    Have the keys been sent yet for today?

  • Sarah

    I really want a key, I’m real guys! :3

  • Riven

    I am in!

  • Stefan

    How can see if my email acc is still in the competition and you didn’t got (mistakesly) rid of it ? 😀

    • iss it the one you used to comment here? I’ll check~

      • Rezhez11

        When will you give the keys out im waiting a week now

      • Stefan

        yes it is

  • Danny cidade

    I don’t know if I’m registered. I didn’t see a confirmation page

  • Tobias Strandberg

    Entered Thanks.

  • alexandru iuras

    1 week ago i gave up on hoping getting a hearthstone beta key,after i was disappointed by pc-gamer and blizzardCS giveaway,anyway a friend told me about your giveway and here i am back at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V7iygBIt5xc

  • Christof

    I’m not sure if my entry went thru. Can you check please?

  • TyfE

    I want to win so bad! People are selling keys on ebay for like over £50. Why pay that much for a beta of a free-to-play game lol

    • alexandru iuras

      i would pay even 150$ if is for sure,i lost already 100$ and 1 neverwinter account,i got scamed,now i try to recover my money,but account is lost for sure i delivered everything even my e-mail

  • diPaulo

    Hello 😀

  • Rezhez11

    I want a key ! please

  • Kseron

    I have key

    • Jacob

      Can I have it

  • Validus

    You are doing amazing work sir, Hope my email has actually been In the system the entire time XD Good luck to all for the next few days!

  • IchiRuki

    Hey could one of the staff check that the email I used to comment here is still in it? I really want a key thanks very much

  • alexandru iuras

    good news check your e-mail blizzard sent another wave of beta key for who opted in for beta,unfortunately i dint got it,but many got in

  • Lethalone


  • EaglePunch

    Hi i put 2 entrys by mistake cause i thought you had to enter after every draw does that mean im out of the next draw? p.s i put the name Eagle not EaglePunch

  • Remy Lagasse

    entered, man i want a key

  • Merlin

    key plz!

  • Zekayn

    Beta key please 😀

  • Fewer

    Can i have a beta key please 😛

  • Oleg Krivobok

    please give a key today my b-day(

  • Moon

    Key pls!

  • Jorge

    I will get a key i know it

  • Zekayn

    Im so frustrated….Ive been in som uch giveaways but didnt get in yet.
    I hope i win now :/

  • alexandru iuras

    i am so enraged because pc-gamer giveway,why they can do simple giveway like here,i had 0% chance to win a beta key there,here with 120000 entries,and 50 keys left i have 0.041(6)% chance to win,and i have no problem if i dont win,but when waste 6-7hours refreshing same page for a 0% because their software engineer make me really mad

  • Zangu

    hope I get a key

  • Søren S Sønderskov

    I really hope i get a key:3

  • Corrosivelamb

    Want a key!

  • Sleiker

    Good luck!

  • Fynziie Zonamiz

    give me for 1 key pls :3

  • Cexiz


  • ?????? ????????

    want key!

  • captentolis

    maybe it’s my lucky day 😀

  • Naruke15

    i just want this so bad

  • Fer0x

    Are the keys for today delivered?

  • Aidan

    i really want a key pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!

  • Dev

    Key Pls 😀

  • Yuurei

    So i Try

  • Osore

    Good Luck Everyone !

  • Naruke15

    its it given out yet?

  • Naruke15

    IS it given out yet?

  • Naruke15

    Key plSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSs 😀 appreciated thx

  • markobaskitch

    any keys being given out today good SIR?

  • Hi

    I really want to win Hearthstone

  • ariel

    Well im from earth. meaning I should get a key?

  • Stefan

    Are the keys for 23 Sept. already given?

  • davezd

    Entered yes baby

  • Zevos
  • Morten Andre Andaur


  • AmericanJack

    13 Beta keys just added. New keys added daily http://hearthstonebeta.blogspot.com/

    • markobaskitch


  • Hearthstone wanter :3

    Ill have a beta key Plz ive been waiting so innpatiently for dis :3

  • klustaphuck

    Have this weeks gone out? Has been no updates in a while.

  • markobaskitch

    give the people an update sir

  • gandioFTW

    so only enter one time?

  • Vassilis Barmpis

    PLEASE IN !!!

  • Arvid Forsgren

    Where is my beta key???? (sadface) ;/

  • din_good

    i want a key ><

  • Nutopia


  • JaRecOn

    done I’m enered

  • Randomguy

    http://hearthstonebetagen.blogspot.com/ Working keygen as of November 1.

  • Karl Fuglsbjerg

    done 😉

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