Win a new Xbox Live subscription for TitanFall

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So sparkly, much wow, shiny, ooooo

TitanFall is pure gaming goodness that is going to melt your brains and bring the Call of Duty train to a grinding halt… well actually I haven’t even played the beta and I’m just jumping on the twitter hype train that seems to be gaining momentum.

But either which way you slice it, if you are going to be playing on the Xbox One or Xbox 360 you are going to need a Xbox Live Gold subscription and to help you guys and girls save a few pennies we have teamed up with our friends over at Evopoints to give away a bunch of Xbox Live subscriptions.

For this comp we are trying something new with a site called Lockerdome which aggregates sports and gaming news from across the planet into lockers for you to follow.

To enter you need to follow the instructions below. You can get a ton of entries doing all the things or just enter without sharing your love for us… we’ll get over it, one day. The competition is open to anyone on the planet so get clicking!

Last Updated: February 18, 2014

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