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GTA V is finally out on PC – and it works, as long as you don;t use funny characters in your Windows user name. To celebrate the launch of the much-anticipated game on PC, we’ve got some GTA V stuff to give away to one lucky winner.

Here’s the random assortment of GTA stuff you could win:

  • A GTA V bodybag sleeping bag, because of reasons
  • A GTA V branded Zippo lighter, because Arson isn’t just for arses
  • A Love Fist T-Shirt, because nothing says love like a fist
  • A Merriweather Security Coffee mug, because even private military security need their caffeine

All you need to do to enter is fill in the simple form you’ll find here. Competition is only open to people who aren’t employees of Trevor Philips Industries and reside within South Africa. Competition closes on Tuesday 21 April. Competition winners will be emailed as well as announced on You’re allowed one entry per wholly unique mail address. People who try to game the system will have all of their entries deleted, while I cackle with maniacal glee.

GTA V is out on PC today.

20150408_163253 Bodybag zippo

Last Updated: April 14, 2015

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