Go to a BT Games Diablo III launch to win an amazing Diablo 3 hamper

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Guys, calm down. Put away the siege towers, battering rams and trebuchets. Even though BT Games has stock of Diablo 3 and a poorly-defended rear entrance, you’re not going to be able to break through to get your eager hands on a copy.

You’re going to have to wait until Tuesday night to secure yourself one, but doing so, means that there will be a little extra incentive in doing so. Curious? The stay awhile, and listen to the details.

BT Games is having the mother of all launches already, with the majority of their branches being open for Diablo 3 to be collected at midnight, but if you happen to be picking up your clickathon title from six select branches, then you’re in for a treat.

If you happen to find yourself at either Tygervalley, Blueroute, Fourways, Centurion , Pavilion or Eastgate for the Diablo III midnight launch, then keep an eye out for a BT Games employee who will have some with him or her, specialised raffle tickets brandishing our logo. Make sure you leave the launch with one of these to stand a chance – and tell your friends! 

 Each one of the tickets has a unique code and quote, so hold onto yours, keep your eyes on Lazygamer.net and you might find yourself winning the following awesome prize, from BT Games, Megarom Interactive and BTweb

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  • And 50 gigs of ADSL data from BTweb

Also, please be aware that BT Games has hired several Level 75 employees to hand out the tickets, so attacking them to grab all the entries might be a kamikaze move. We’ll announce the winner once all entries are accounted for and tabled, in Diablo 3 week. 

Last Updated: May 9, 2012

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