Win one of two PS Vitas, with Exclusive Books!

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What's the difference between Sony and Kony? Kony still has Erics'son.

While I may be over my current technolust, at least until something else that’s shiny comes along, quite a few SA gamers are still stuck with that dreaded condition. The main perpetrator? The Sony PS Vita of course.

And who can blame them. The handheld console is as sleek and sexy as it is powerful, but not everyone has been able to get their mitts on it. If you’re still keen on one though, then here’s an opportunity to grab one for yourself. is giving away two of the fancy portable devices, one in plain Wi-Fi mode, the other with some extra 3G added to the pot. To enter, all you have to do is head on over the Exclusives site, and leave a comment detailing your favourite Playstation title, as well as a link to it, from the Exclusives website.

It doesn’t have to be a PS Vita title, but it must be a Playstation title. Easy, right? Entries close on May 28, so get cracking already! And if you’re still unsure about getting yourself a Vita, let a certain group of handsome and dashing gamers remind you why you need one;

The most striking thing about the Vita when you first see it is the gorgeous crisp visuals courtesy of the 5 inch, OLED screen. It really is something to behold, giving even the iPhone 4’s Retina display a run for its money.

The new interface that displaces the worn (and in many ways backwards) XMB is slick, intuitive and incredibly responsive – as are its front and rear touch panels.

Good luck guys!

Last Updated: May 15, 2012

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