Win some rAge 2012 tickets!

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Missed out on getting some rAge 2012 tickets? Cradled last year’s ticket while crying in the foetal position? Well do not despair young grasshoppah! The awesome guys at Nintendo Distributor SA have given us two rAge 2012 GOOOLDEN tickets (day passes to rAge 2012) to give away right here on our Facebook page.

So show your appreciation to these stand up citizens of the gaming community and check out their Facebook page. What’s it all about you ask? Well they distribute all Nintendo hardware and first party products, making sure we get all the Nintendo goodness we need.

So, how do you get to win one of these bad boys? Here are the rules:

  1. Like our Facebook page.
  2. Comment on this photo and post us the funniest video game related meme or picture with some words of encouragement, as to why we should pick you as a winner.
  3. Be awesome.

Please make sure that you are reachable on Facebook in order for us to get your info should you win. Good luck have fun!

Entries close today at 16:00.

Last Updated: September 20, 2012

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